Monday, May 29, 2006

Has it been that long????????

Short and sweet until I get my pics taken. Has it been since the 24th since I posted? I'm telling you, life is killing me right now:) I haven't spun, barely knitted, didn't buy yarn at the new store! Life is just pushing me. But I shouldn't complain, I have a great life!

I have knitted a smidgen, but what I have been doing is sucky homework. This week I have written one paper, 2 discussion forums, read 4 chapters, 16 tests!!!!!!! Yes 16!!!!!!! And I have one more discussion forum and paper due tomorrow. Followed by 2 chapters and 2 tests again this week and then start over for next week. This blows!!!!! So, do you see where I have been?

Okay, back to the paper. Then I hope to load a few things on ebay, spin a little, knit a little, plant a little and probably drink a little ;) Just kidding, I have nothing to drink! But I may go for a diet cherry limeade after I am through...because I deserve it!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I am so ready for a vacation. I started back to school this week with 2 classes, on top of working full-time, part-time and knitting, spinning, baking, dyeing.... I don't have enough time or hands. I did take some pics, but haven't had time to load them. I am so sorry! I promise to do better! really i do....
okay, i am home from class and getting ready to have ice cream for dinner before crashing into bed. maybe tomorrow i will be worth reading ;)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

what's up with the computer, and a guild meeting..

What's up with the Blogger? Anyone have problems getting into your blog the past few days? I have! But on now, so I am happy. I had my monthly spinning guild meeting today and that was a happy event as well. We didn't have a speaker, but just a show and tell day with light refreshments. It was nice and allowed me to hit the TJMaxx in that town, which is bigger than mine :) I found a cute tote that will work great for yarn. Multi-purpose!

I have started a triangular shawl from my odd lot yarn stash and it is quickly knitted and summery, so that makes me happy. I should just say this is a happy day! My cats are starting to get over their colds, thank goodness. I couldn't afford any more vet bills or antibiotics!! That is not cheap.

I found a cute bathing suit at Target, but no one to tell me if it made my butt look big, so I put it back. I have to have an opinion! You know how that goes...painful.

My guild's handwork day is this coming Saturday and I am all set to take the Spawn of Satan there and let the other gals have a crack at her. She is sooooo evil! I have tweaked the tension band everyway I can and she still kinks the yarn up into ugly coils without taking it into the orifice and onto the bobbin. Evil!!!!

And I must say that I said no to Alpaca fleece today! I wanted a bag so badly, but I said NO! I am proud of myself. I said no because I do not need it right now, want yes...need no. And because it wouldn't fit in my car!

Okay, off to exercise. I had too many sweets this weekend!

Monday, May 15, 2006

My blog... a neglected child :(

I am so sorry my little wooliegirl blog for neglecting you so much these past few weeks. I have let life get in the way. But I'm sure you all understand!!! I have been trying to wash these fleece and that is so time consuming for me and then there is work and school and finishing up a scrapbook for a lady at just continues. I haven't had time to knit!!! I hate it!!! I haven't even had time to spin!!! I need time...

I did take my mother and grandmother for a Mother's Day lunch on Saturday and that was fun. We went to a nice little Italian restaurant in town, Gondolier, and had eggplant parmesan and Reese's Cup cake...all was wonderful and then I gave them big hanging baskets. I also went to the nursery and bought some flowers for my porch, but haven't planted them yet!!! Yet another item for the list.

I have decided I will spend 30 minutes tonight on a new knitting project and 30 minutes on the wheel, Spawn of Satan! She had better get ready! Then I have a baby project and wedding one to start. How many hours of sleep do I need?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

no pics, just words today...

Well, I have a pile of stuff to take pics of but just not time to track down the camera, so boring words for now. Sorry! I received my wool hand carders in the mail today, whoohoo. Now I can begin to do something with all the fleece I have been working on. The lady that I got the first bags from told me today that she has one more bag to give me. Yes, give me !!! How generous. So I had better stock up on my Dawn liquid and get to washing.

I am preparing for Kindergarten Roundup at my schools this week. This will be my first as their school nurse. I am excited, because I get to wear jeans and a cowboy hat. How fun!!!! However, one of the teachers commented today that it was stupid and we would look stupid and she didn't want to do it. I don't mind...I love to dress up. Guess I am just a silly girl.

I have been busy with the bread it!!! I wish I had more time to make more bread :) and knit and spin and dye wool and comb the cats. Boy do they need a good brushing. Ainsley and Truman are sporting dreadlocks these days.

Oh yeah, I think I finally sold my house!!!! The sucky realtor is supposed to give me a definite tomorrow. Okay, let's go get busy...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ladies, the cable purse is complete...I need a drink...

I finished the cable purse and I like it. If I do another, and most likely will, I will use different handles. These dip the purse down in the middle and make it a little stiffer than I like. But, I do like the end result. It wasn't much to look at when I finished and stretched it out to see what I had, but in the is pretty. Most of the ones I have seen have a ribbon woven thru and then a big bow. Not sure if I want that or not.

Anyway, I have been busy washing fleece this week and that is a chore. Why didn't someone tell me how long that takes!! Man, I am tired and still have one HUGE bag of fleece to go through. So, bring on the drinks! I will have a tea please. Or a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade from the Sonic...:) that's good drinking.

I bought a bread machine on ebay and received it and have baked a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, which I am eating right now. Very tasty. However, the seller did not tell the truth in her auction and that was disappointing. But it works, as far as I can tell, so I will let it go.

What's next on the knitting front? I don't have a clue! I have so many projects I want to try and no idea where to start. This morning I was looking for something to knit and became overwhelmed! I had to leave the room and make my snack. Do you ever feel that way? I want to try socks again, but still a little scared. And I found a cool shrug that is inviting, but just not sure. Oh well, I'll finish my bread and think about lunch :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Okay, slow going today on the washing stinky fleece front. WEnt to work as usual, got home, started to wash...started to feel a little upset stomach. Rinsed once and BAM the vomiting began!!!! So, fleece had a rinse and spin and on the deck to breathe the night air, while I hug the toilet.

What is up with that? It needed another rinse, but I knew I couldn't handle that and vomit. I would rather have a little dirty fleece than a pukey fleece. What do you think? Anyway, I have had a reprieve of sickness for the past few minutes and wanted to say HI!

Make it stop!!!! My mom asked could it be the wool????? Oh no!!!! Never!!!!! Take away the chocolate, but give me the wool ;)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Doesn't look like much, but someday it will....maybe

Okay, here is the first bag of fleece I received. The other 2 bags are on the way and I will pick them up on Thursday. So, I have gone through the "mess" and loaded the fleece into the mesh bags to soak. Hopefully, I will have good results without felting (eekkk!) and end up with clean fleece to card. What joy!!!

Let me tell you...I opened the bag and instantly smelled like I was on the farm. The cats kept sniffing around the bag when I first got it home and when I took it onto the deck, SibbyDog took up residence right beside the bag and didn't leave the entire hour I picked through it. I feel this calls for dessert and I have a brownie left over from the batch I baked and took to school this morning. I do believe I shall go enjoy that brownie, while visions of clean fleece dance in my head... Should I mention I still smell like a sheep :)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

My name is Jennifer....and I am addicted to Easter egg dye

Yes, I confess, I have an addiction to egg dye. I just returned from Michael's with 30 more boxes of egg dye....and had to make myself walk away from getting more. I couldn't stop myself, it is so tempting. To know that more 12cent boxes of lonely dye are just sitting in the basket, needing to go home with me to be productive...oh it brings tears to my eyes.

Note the beautiful 2 pound ball of white corri that I received in yesterday's mail! This will be the owner of some of that dye :) Goodie, goodie! I am planning on handpainting the majority and all excited about what comes out! If only me and Satan' Spawn were friends...oh I long for that day.

Anyhoo, I should be working right now instead of typing. But to be honest, it is cold and windy here today. And that has made me sleepy and lazy. I did clean like a mad woman earlier, went to walmart for some groceries (had to have ice cream!), and then by BackYardBurger for a blackened chicken sandwich. Now I am back home, realizing all of the things I forgot to pick up while out and debating if I should go back out or just wait and run errands after work tomorrow. Remember-I get my fleece tomorrow!!!!!

Well, I do know I am making a cream cheese pound cake tonight, just because I want to ! And because I have some cream cheese about to expire! So, off to be productive!

Friday, April 28, 2006

The fleece gods have blessed lil ole me...

I was happily minding my own business at work today. Hanging with my peeps (K-5th graders) when the secretary gives me a shout and says her husband needs to talk to me. ????? So, I pop into her office, she gets him on the phones and he begins to explain to me that his sister lives in Virginia and has ears perk up....and she is having them sheared tomorrow....very intrigued at this point....and he thought of me and would I want to buy a fleece from her black sheep???? WEll, of course!!!!! He told me she would sell it to me for the price of the shearer. Are you as shocked as me ????!! I'm loving it, but it gets better. He calls me a little later and tells me that she has a clean fleece in the barn from last year that she will sell for the mere price of $4.00! I said YES!!

So, on Monday I will be the proud owner of 2 fleece. You should see me dancing now!!! I'm loving it. Of course, the wheel is still a b*$#)!!!! And I am having trouble, but I may just bite the bullet and buy the Lendrum that I wanted in the beginning. Take that you evil wheel! I may be stepping out on you!

So, I am happy and excited and will be all giddy Monday!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Look...I have knit a cable....oh my gosh!!!

Well, I found this adorable cable knitted purse pattern on another blog, and if I knew how to link you I would. So, I will post pattern when's that? Anyway, I began with some of my recycled yarn that I koolaid dyed and I'm starting to see my cable. AHHHHH! I have never used a cable needle or made a cable and I have impressed myself!! Not that it is sooo difficult, but I easily scare :) So, I am happily knitting this at night, after chores...

I also went to Target and bought every box of easter egg dye they had left! Not many, but I have added it to my collection and will continue to look for deep discounts to use when my roving arrives...someday. Still quite impatient and anxious!

I just got home from work, made a killer chicken and veggie chowder and slipped on my walking shoes to hit the road...I walk onto the porch, insert earphones....rain begins. *&%$#)**!!!! What is up with that? Why wait until I get home. Now I will be forced to stay inside and eat ice cream! Folks, let's take a look out the window and see if there has been reprieve. Nope still rain. Go get the spoon and bowl! Even Truman has been looking out the window wondering where the sun went!

I have given up on the feather and fan wrap for now. IT was ticking me off. Speaking of tick off. The Spawn of Satan was in rare form last night. I give up, yes I said it. I went to ply 2 skeins I had beaten out of her and she went nuts! No matter how I changed tension, held my mouth, crossed fingers, oiled bearings, and begged, she would not spin!!!! It was a MESS! Words cannot describe the carnage of my skeins. I just threw everything down and went to bed. Maybe...nah, not tonight

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Don't you love a good book?

I just happened to be on a search for a sock book at my local ACMoore, when I ran across the book Wrap Style. Now, I had been eyeballing this book in catalogs, but just never brought myself to buy it, but it just so happened the sock book I wanted was not there and I did have a 50% off coupon (oh yes!) I bought Wrap Style instead....and love it!!!! It is full of gorgeous wraps, all different styles and levels and I can't wait to try something. Love it!!

I also stumbled across this other book, 1000 Sweaters at the library. I have found some really cute patterns in here and I am thinking about tracking this book down for my own. I am getting greedy! When will I have the time??????

Oh yes, I also purchased 2 pounds of a beautiful corriedale roving on ebay!!! Yes, see my stash of kool-aid and easter egg dye? That's what I will be using to make beautiful colors!!! I will be spinning away on the Spawn of Satan. I found a great deal and snapped it up, now patiently awaiting it's arrival. Okay, not so patient! I am ready to dye, create, spin, be a mad scientist with the dye!!! I can see my pot boiling now...well, not really boiling...
The guild meeting is Sunday and I am so happy to go again. Unfortunately, I will miss the handwork meeting on Saturday, since I have to work my part time gig. Rats! Need to fund the roving stash...

The cats are very inquisitive this evening and trying to climb all over everything I touch. Corbin is trying to climb into the laptop bag, on the table! For some reason, he feels it is his duty to inspect and sleep in every purse, tote, bag, satchel, duffle, get the idea.

Okay, I need to get busy on some projects! I have jabbered for way to long. I have patterns to go gaa-gaa over! (it seems that the photo blogger is not wanting to cooperate too well this evening, hope it snaps out of it)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

BAck to work, but I want to play...

I went back to work today, after a 4 day weekend and it was rough! I wanted to stay home and play in my yarn, make pretty things, dye some wool, spin a hairball...lots to do. But, no - I had to go make a living to somewhat support my yarn addiction. It is spring break in my neck of the woods, thus schools are closed. However, being a Public Health Nurse...I had to work :(

Tomorrow is pizza day at work, whoohoo! Guess that means I will have a free pizza lunch, but I would trade it for spinning at home! Yes, I would! I do need to plant my tomato plants, bell pepper, and cilantro. I am searching for spinach and hopefully will find it tomorrow when I go to buy potting soil. My plans are to make container salad gardens. Great idea right? We shall see if this goes well or is a complete disaster, which finds me back at the farmer's market. Okay, I will be there regardless, but I can talk big!

Well, American Idol is plugging along and that means House is next. Yes, I am a slave to these 2 shows. But don't despair! I have my knitting right here and a cup of ice cream to help :) Though, bad thoughts have been in my mind regarding this yarn I am working with. The shawl is slow going and I'm wanting something a little more jazzy. I have been thinking about ripping it out and knitting a different pattern. However, I can't find one!!!! So, I will try again. Help me!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

I treated myself to a little bit of yarn!!! Yes, Happy Bday to myself. Seems DH thought I would like cup holders for my car for my birthday!! What???? He says they are much better than the ones in my car and I should love them. What????? I'm sorry, but that is not a good present. So, I went and bought myself some yarn! I love it, bought a bunch. I know I should feel bad about spending all of that money, but it was a celebration and I got wound up and couldn't stop. But really you should see what all I put back!!! Honest, I put back A LOT of yarn! You know how it is, you've been in that position. It's like the police saying "step away from the yarn." (I probably should have taken a pic with them out of the bags, sorry) And I bought some roving on ebay :) and some easter egg dye to color it with :) and...

Anyway, I bought 2 packs to make a shawl, one pack just because and then the rainbow skein (absolutely gorgeous and so vivid in person) for a simple spring scarf. Yes, mundane but it will be gorgeous!

I have made very little progress on my feather and fan shawl from my Fiber Fest ball. It is slow going. We had to go out of town this weekend and I took it to knit on the trip. However, I suffer from this little thing called motion sickness! It is so bad!!!! I get 5 miles down the road and the nausea begins! Every time!!!!!!!!!!! But I always have hope that there will be a trip that I don't get sick, but not yet.

I did find a little bakery called CUPCAKES that I ran into and got a mocha chocolate cupcake. Oh my gosh!! It was heavenly!! I don't know about you, but I have a love for cupcakes. Well, cupcakes, cake, cookies, brownies....all of them. It is right below knitting and Patrick Dempsey :) I want to make some right now, but I am feeling a little fat right now and can't bring myself to bake. I hate those days!!!! Just spoils all of my fun.

Now, me and the Spawn of Satan are at it again! Just when we get along for a couple of days, she decides to be a b(&^% and corkscrew all of my roving. I threatened her with the fireplace, and then walked away. WE will see what happens tonight . By the way, that's Truman wanting a treat in the top right corner. Isn't he handsome??????

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


THANKS to Laura for some sock advice. I appreciate that! I have seen the socks on circular needles book in the KnitPicks catalog, which came again today! I love getting knitting catalogs. I get all warm and fuzzy when I see them. Of course, I then earmark the pages, make a wish list, configure prices of what I want and what I have :) and then try and talk myself into being realistic and buying what I need. HAH! The need and want lists are so very far apart!

Anyway, I have been checking into the Addi's in sock sizes on ebay, since there are NO yarn stores with addis in my area. I have bought the addis I currently use online and will continue to do...until a yarn store magically appears in my area.

So, I think I will actually buy what I WANT from the catalog tonight, since it is my birthday today. (horns, fireworks, celebration in the background) And since I have not received any presents from my cats or DH...what's up with that?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Knitting socks on circulars!!!>????

Well, I have had a crazy week at a conference and then back to home and a birthday party. It was mine. I will be 36 on Tuesday, eek!!!! I"m a little sad about it, but trying to smile. Thinking maybe I will get some yarn for my bday, a girl can dream. I did get a beautiful cake plate from my mom. Meaning, I need to bake a cake.

Well does anyone know anything about knitting socks on circulars? I have been hearing about it and did find one article on a web search, but want opinions. This is something I think I can handle, but not sure.

I am trudging along with my fan and feather wrap, though it is slow going!!!! I would show you a picture, but the camera has disappeared once again. I think the cats are taking it for their own blogsite. You do know they are smart and creative!!! And very lazy. I have one in the cat window seat, one on the cat bed, and 2 on the people bed.

Okay, back to the camera search, confidence talk on socks, finding some ice cream, working in a walk/jog, packing my supplies for work tomorrow, starting a scrapbook for a lady I used to work with (need the cash)....oh yeah and registering for school. AAAAAHHHHHH.......

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm at the me!

No pics, no excitement. Just me at a conference wanting to go home. I miss my cats and my bed and want to go home. I don't do well at conferences, especially without a car. It kind of makes you stuck.

I had a turkey sandwich that was $9.68!!!! That was just the sandwich, no drink. A tea was going to add $2.00 to it!!! OUtrageous. I am allowed $7.00 for breakfast and there isn't anything on the menu under 8.00! I am in trouble here !!!!

Oh well, I did see a treadmill, so I think I will go and use it for now and then knit a little. I did bring some knitting, I am not completely crazy ;)

Guess I will sleep without cats tonight....don't know if I can do that. I will try...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lazy day around here for good reason...

I am sick! That's a good enough reason to be lazy. I started the stomach bug fluid loss :) escapade last night and it continued ALL night. I am puny today. At least I have gone a few hours without an "incident", though my toast is not holding well in the belly right now. Anyway, Truman and Ainsley are as close to Sibby Dog as they will ever be, and enjoying the beautitul day while I recuperate in the bed! Of course nothing is good on TV right now.

Well, the bright side of feeling like a mudflap is I can sit in bed and knit. Now that is a bright lining. I did dye some wool last weekend and have begun to wind it into balls. I actually have a skein I spun in the microwave right now, soaking up the KoolAid ;) The skein isn't that pretty, but it will do for now. I did make the wheel changes that the guild suggested and had hight hopes...I said a prayer, lit a candle, crossed my fingers and did a test spin. It didn't work. Actually, it was worse! Bring on the tears. I did cry with frustration. What to do??????

Here is the major problem now. When (I do mean when) the flywheel does rotate and the roving actually gets a twist in it and it is taken into the orifice to wind onto the overtwists and knots/kinks up on the outside of the orifice. NOw, I was told that meant too much tension. So, I started with slack on the tension band and the brake band and worked my way up, as I was instructed to do. Nope, nada, still didn't work. It still overkinks and won't go onto the bobbin. I am ready to make this Cherub wheel into firewood!!!

Okay, maybe it is the dehydration and splitting headache making me talk crazy. I should have a coke and calm down. I can't be so rash about the Spawn of Satan right now...but she is evil

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Frogged it....:(

Short note here, because I am in mourning for the evening. I had to frog my lovely feather and fan shawl. :(:(:( It was a sad event, but had to be done. The pattern just didn't look right and wasn't the right size either. So, a froggin we will go...I ripped it all out and am getting ready to start all over. At least the sun came out today. That's a plus.

And it was the last day as the Nutrition teaching banana, what a relief. It was fun while it lasted, but was getting tedious! I couldn't see out of the costume! And the jokes were getting old....the list goes on and on, you can imagine. So, back to plain ole school nurse tomorrow :)

So, I will get to knitting while HOUSE is on (love that show) and then catch some zzzzzzs. If I can sleep with my huge toad belly! I made chicken and dumplings tonight with baked sweet potatoes, green beans and biscuits. Yes, I know...biscuits and dumplings???? I couldn't help it, I have PMS...nuff said!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just because I'm handsome...

Truman is so very handsome, thus he must be shown every now and then. Here - with THEBAG. He has been helping me start a Feather and Fan shawl this afternoon. He was a huge help in taking the skein and making a ball and continued to share his skill in casting on. Though, he did take a few naps in between the work and just gave in when it came to dyeing some wool. What he really wanted was to climb into the bag. Why do cats love tiny bags for sleeping bags?

But, I'm sure I can count on him when I begin to wind that wool, which will be made into huge poppies then felted. How fun!!!! I will also at some point make a cat bed for the little devil...

Just because I'm handsome...

Truman is so very handsome, thus he must be shown every now and then. Here - with THEBAG. He has been helping me start a Feather and Fan shawl this afternoon. He was a huge help in taking the skein and making a ball and continued to share his skill in casting on. Though, he did take a few naps in between the work and just gave in when it came to dyeing some wool. What he really wanted was to climb into the bag. Why do cats love tiny bags for sleeping bags?

But, I'm sure I can count on him when I begin to wind that wool, which will be made into huge poppies then felted. How fun!!!! I will also at some point make a cat bed for the little devil...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh my works again! Come back, I'm here!

Thanks for paying the blog bill!!! I was about to start a telethon to raise money to post my pictures! Hooray! Okay, weed through the confetti and check out these 3 pics before they disappear. This may all be a cruel joke or tease. "Let's let them think it is working. They will spend all this time posting and then BAM we will knock it down" (laughter of a cruel nature in the background).

Above are the finds I have been promising. The beautiful VAlentine's cake plate for a mere $7.00!!! Thanks TJMaxx, I love that store! Then you will see the silk sari threads from ebay that I have yet to comb into roving, but it is on my list!!! Don't you have one of those lists? And finally the bag, THEBAG. I just adore it! I have my knitting in it to take to work and it is the perfect size and has gotten compliments and ooohhhs, because people do not know about felting. Yes, that is true, they don't know what it means. DH works in engineering and the women he is with everyday don't know what felting is, means, looks like.... amazing. I thought I was sheltered!

So, that's what is happening with me right now. Getting ready to hit the salon (or say-lonnie as I refer to it) to massage some strangers. Better go throw some coffe in the pot. Right now I am loving this chocolate macademia nut I bought at TJMAXX(again love it) and it is tasty for someone that hates coffee :) Then I will work on my list this afternoon and make some chicken and dumplings AND banana bread, since I have mushy bananas in the bowl...don't want to waste them.

So, dyeing of the wool will take place around here, little knitting in between cleaning and then some spinning. Yes girls, I have a rocking Saturday planned. I may even throw in my Johnny Cash Walk the LIne movie I have yet to watch.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Did someone forget to pay the blog bill?

Here we are pictures. Did someone not pay the blog pic bill? I was over at the yahoo spindler's site and someone mentioned that their photo album was not posting. I then read from another member that there were some server issues taking place. Think that's our problem?

Well, I am racking up pics and no place to put them. I'm kind of boring without the pics!!!! The geisha socks are pitiful at this point and I have decided to just frog like crazy and start something else :( moment of silence please...

I just can't bear to look at them. So, guess that yarn (which is pastel colorful crazy) will be a spring scarf - stop yawning! Now, I do have a gorgeous yarn that is about 100grams and very light, almost fingering, that I'm trying to think of a pattern for...don't know what it will be. However, I'm leaning towards a nice light shawl. I just have to figure what will not take too much yarn, since I can't get another like it. I purchased it a the Southeastern Fiber Fair back in October. Someday you may get to see it ;)

Today I was the big banana in nutrition class and they went over great. The kids actually listened! I will be doing an encore presentation to more classes tomorrow and Tuesday. Those teachers decided I needed to pay them a visit as well. So, the big banana continues!!!

On depressing news, been reviewing my school options for my BSN degree and I am disgusted. Why do colleges refuse so many transferring credits? Give me a break!! I will be going back all over again by the time I am done!!!! Not to mention the money I will be forking over to get it...ugh!!!!!!!! I just want to remain dumb and clueless!!!

Well, I will continue to try and load pics, but it looks like I will be drawing them from now on folks. Maybe if we pitch in we can afford to hire someone to fix it!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

weeelllll...still no blog pic posting, wassup? So read...

I promised pictures and I found the camera and now I can't download them to the site. I am seething at this point in time. Not sure what is happening in the technical field, as you know I am computer illiterate. ANyway, when the pic part works I will post them.

Now, I have silk thread from recycled saris that I got from ebay in abolutely gorgeous colors. I shall comb these into my roving and give them a spin. Please keep your fingers crossed for me while I attempt to conquer this task. I am definitely reaching beyond my comfort zone with this, but gotta live a little. I am feeling fairly confident, because I went to the Spinning Guild meeting today and had encouraging words about my wheel and spinning. Sooooooo, I shall implement the tips I was given on the Spawn of Satan and see if that makes a difference. I did find out that the previous owner of my wheel made quite a few changes with the tension and brake bands, bearings, treadle, etc. and that is part of why I was having difficulty. Of course, the other part was me :) But I have been shown what to change the bands to and given some drafting and tension tricks to use and think (key word...think) this will work. I have implemented them, but haven't bit the bullet and tried it yet.

See, I work for a living :) and it is getting in my way of fun right now. Like an idiot, I decided to open up my Nurse's Nutrition classes to all grades at my 2 schools. Stupid, stupid, stupid...not thinking this meant a different lesson plan and activity for each grade. Duh!!! Now I have 10 classes to teach tomorrow, dressed as a big banana!!!! What a hoot that will be. Next time I think all gung-ho just slap me. The good thing is career day in a few weeks. I will be talking about nursing, BUT ALSO have been asked to bring my wheel and demonstrate. Cool beans! I must say that the guild meeting was great and the ladies were wonderful and I am hoping they will have a sock workshop to teach me. Because I can't figure out my pattern. It is foreign and my sock kind of looks like something the cat would wear on it's head. Ick!

The guild meeting was in another town, that has some great stores, so of course I had to shop a few. I found this beautiful cake stand shaped like a heart (how sweet!) and it was on CLEARANCE!!! Magic words!!!!! Had to buy it. I couldn't just walk on by, could I? Could you walk by yarn. Nope, didn't think so. Anyway, I have it on the table, where I can admire for a few days. And just for the occasion of a new cake stand, I have an Obscene Chocolate Cake in the oven right now. In 48 more minutes I will be eating cake and drinking a cold glass of milk. Come on over!!!!!
WEll, I will go back to trying to fix the pic part. I think the wheel has rubbed off on it!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

My blog is broken...

I have tried on several occasions since last night to post pics, that I promised, but can't get the blog to post. So, I will try and try again. And in a way, this is a test blog of sorts. I will post a pic of handsome Truman and see if that works and then keep posting as I can. So here he is, Photos aren't posting. I'll keep trying. *&%$# makes me mad.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spinning class tomorrow, beware evil wheel...

Okay, still no camera. I think the cats confiscated it, since I follow them around snapping away. They are at that mom embarrasses us stage. But I'll keep looking, because I have a pile of stuff to post.

I have been busy baking, cleaning, dying, and knitting this week. It's been a pretty good time! Made some tasty Pumpkin Cranberry Mini Muffins, Sirloin Veggie Soup, and will be making a Banana Walnut Upside Down Pound Cake tomorrow. Also, of much more importance - I will be going to the Spinning Guild tomorrow. Oh yes...I will be going to class to try and conquer the Spawn of Satan wheel. Her days, or should I say hours, are numbered!!!!!

I did take the 2 bobbins of yarn I had spun (what a kinked up joke of cat hair) and dyed them with lemon-lime koolaid today. I have a nice muted green yarn, that I have no clue what to do with. Maybe some of those cute fingerless wrist warmers I have seen patterns for everywhere else.

I have also been blog surfing quite a bit. I must say hi to Laura, who sent me a comment that she too is addicted to the blogs, but should be knitting instead of surfing. Amen sister, but it is like a drug...have to read them.

Okay, I'm going to hunker down and get some sleep, so I will be fresh for class tomorrow.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

where are the pictures?

Yes, where are the promised pictures of the finished bag that I so lovingly felted? Well, let me find the camera and I will take and post :) It seems to have disappeared in this mess of a house. The cathair tumbleweeds have taken over for the time being and I think the camera is tumbling with them. So, when I find the camera I will take the pics and show you that I did isn't a lie...promise. AND I will show you the beautiful silk fibers I purchased from ebay to blend into some roving and spin. Okay, stop laughing...I can do this.

Now, off to find some ice cream. I have a sweet craving...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

THE BAG is almost finished...just needs a good beating.

Well, I have had a busy week and have completely neglected my blog. But not quite sure that anyone is out there reading it anyway, so guess it doesn't matter. I read blogs every day!! I'm addicted and have a list of those I must check over my bran flakes in the morning. Someday I will figure out how to list them and clue you in on the action.

So what are these pics of? Thanks for asking...
here is the bag. Yes, the bag I have been knitting off and on for about 900 years. Okay, I might have stretched that timeline a tad, but it has felt like 900 years. As I type it is going into the washer with some jeans and a fast/fast setting to felt. You can't tell from the pic, but when stretched to it's actual size it measures top to bottom 26 inches. And the blob at the top is the handles that will felt as well. Now, the last one I knitted shrunk to about 14.5 inches. Cool huh? I will post the completed bag when it dries. I am so glad I finished :) I deserve the ice cream I am eating!

Now, I will begin the socks. I am dreading them and excited about them. And nervous...I also bought the wrong size needles! I should have gotten 3mm, but got 3.75. Debating what to do - make or go buy a different size. These are flip-flop socks, so cute. I may just make and see what happens.

Okay, off to oversee the felting process. I just finished washing and spinning some wool I recycled from a sweater. NOw it is hanging ALL OVER the house to dry. And Maggie Cat has taken to climbing into my roving box and eating the fleece. THat has to find a shelf away from her! Unless she can come up with a sheep for me to shear, she has to stay out. I refuse to share my roving.

I'll be back...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A knitting we will go and don't forget the toes...

Yes, I have been knitting the past 2 days with passion. BAsically, I want to finally finish this bag, so I can felt it!!! It's getting a little boring and I want to try and start my flip-flop socks :) Yes, socks...I'm nuts.
I have also been busy giving myself a pedicure. I'm too cheap to get a pedicure right now, so I'm doing it myself :) Not as good as the salon, but I can live with them right now, since it is still cold out and I'm not showing my tootsies to anyone.

I have also been spinning today and saying a few choice words to the Spawn of Satan wheel. Did discover that the orifice had a nasty burr and it is a possibility that was causing some problems with yarn uptake. Though, after being filed down it is still giving me trouble. BUT I AM STILL trying to work with depressing.

Now, off to find some dinner and upload some pics to amaze or humor you with...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My ball winder is on out ebay

I have busily been winding DK weight chenille yarn into balls with my ball winder. How did I live without it? It is wonderful and makes lovely balls of yarn, which I will put on ebay to fund the purchase of more yarn :) It's a vicious cycle!!!
Steadily progressing on the tote. Needs to be 26 inches in length before felting, and I think I am aobut 20 inches as we speak. Yeah!!! I will post before and after felting photos to amaze you all!!
Thought I was going to get to go to Asheville this past weekend, which meant a trip to a nice yarn store, but it didn't happen :( My dreams of playing in piles of roving and yarn were dashed. Maybe I will get to go this weekend, though I am working my part time gig. Valentine's Day brought forth many purchased gift certificates for massages...meaning I have people holding little slips of paper stating they get a massage from me. Also meaning, I will be busy on Saturdays for a while. Hey, as long as the moolah is there I will be happy. Unlike last year and the money somehow disappeared out of the cash drawer for 5 of my gift certificates. Yes 5!!! How does that happen!!!???? Anyway, I am keeping a close eye on the $$$$ this time.

Okay, it's American Idol night, so I should be knitting and watching right now. I have missed 15 minutes already, so I gotta get going...and I need to practice of the Spawn of Satan some more. I have a career day April 7th I have to go to and she wants me to bring my wheel. She feels this will be more exciting than nursing! Although, I will be discussing nursing as well, should since I am their school nurse :)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Roving that is just as pretty in a ball...

Here you go - the roving I purchased from the sheep shearing...isn't it pretty? It reminds me of the buns on Princess Lea (Star Wars for those living in a cave). I have yet to do a thing with them! Not unusual, I have a big box of roving waiting to be spun. I just don't have enough hours in the day, because this thing called a job is weighing me down! Also, a thing called mortgage, car payment, retirement, health insurance...get the picture? Oh, you are in the same boat too.

Well, I still think the roving is beautiful and it is labeled "toffee", now that is precious! Speaking of toffee, I am baking "gooey bars" right now and they smell very tasty! They were definitely gooey when I was trying to spread them in the pan. Just means they will be extra good :) But chocolate, coconut and brown sugar are always good!

WEll, tomorrow is Monday and I have to prepare to head back to work :( I am feeling a little more energetic today, so maybe I will be up for exercise tomorrow. Hope so! I plan on eating a pan of gooey bars :)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Does the ick ever go away?

Okay, I feel like I am on death's door, or at least in his driveway. I have been fighting this evil ick for over a week and still do not feel any better. I have no voice and no energy and the antibiotic is taking it's toll....whine, whine, whine...

So, you can imagine I have not been able to do much knitting. I have had sporadic moments working with the totebag and I actually have made some progress, guess that's a bright spot. I haven't spun :( and I haven't begun the flip flop socks :( but I have thought about them.

Maybe I will have a boost of wonderful energy tomorrow and be able to work like a maniac! I think some hot chocolate and a cookie might be the thing to turn this sick boat around.

BUT before I go, I must tell you my tale of the vacuum. My vacuum died a loud, smelly, dusty death. So, I decided to get a new big deal. But no!!!!!!! DH had to get involved and wanted to know the specs on the new vacuum to be purchase. I told him my specs involved very little money. He then researches vacuums...yes online research, consumer reports, comparisons, involvement of testing groups, etc. and makes a decision. He then proceeds to explain to me with charts, graphs, sample photos, excel spreadsheets :), etc...the type of vacuum that will be purchased ( and the bank loan it will take to purchase it ) Now, the thing that is odd here...he doesn't vacuum. He did all this research for a vacuum he will never use. He picked it because of the drive train, amps, accessories, inteli clean hepa filteration system....blahblahblah.
And he will never use it. I just wanted a vacuum that sucked up cat hair. Oh well, now I have a Cadillac vacuum. I just need a tiara to wear when I use it :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I may not be yarn...but I sure am handsome!

Yes, Corbin you are very handsome. I know this has nothing to do with yarn, spinning or knitting, but isn't he a cutey? All stretched out on the bed, sunning by the window. He likes to take up all of the space he can. Just makes me want to squeeze him and smother him with mommy love.

Did a little knitting during American Idol last night and it felt wonderful. Plan on doing it again tonight and maybe work with the evil spinning wheel. I need some tea before I can work up the courage to attack the wheel though, also some chocolate...

Oh yeah, was the tooth fairy today and that went over very well, with the exception of loosing my voice!!! But the kids didn't seem to mind and they listened and watched me teach proper tooth brushing. Now I have to work on my "hygiene talk" outfit :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can someone knit me a sweater?

Don't you know these poor little babies are cold? They are probably wondering why we can't knit them a sweater. Afterall, it is their fleece we are taking. I just had to show 2 more pics from the sheep shearing and then I will let it go, for a while :)

I am down for the count with this respiratory bug, it is killing me! But I must push on and be the tooth fairy the remainder of the week. I have kinder and 1st graders counting on me!!! I must say that my fairy skirt turned out very pretty. Makes me want to wear it around the house...dust in it or do something productive.

I need to sit down and knit. Me fingers are longing to work with needles and wool, but haven't had the chance. However, I have set aside time this evening while I watch American Idol :) (big grin) That is perfect knitting time. Don't you agree?

I also want something ooey and gooey to eat, but have nothing. I don't even have dishwashing or laundry detergent. No oatmeal, no cookies, no ice cream, very little munchies. I'm in need of a grocery store run!! I do have some hot chocolate (unless a mouse ran off with it) and a tiny piece of banana bread. Guess that will have to do.

Off the subject of knitting, cake and sheep...I have been surfing other blogs, which I love to do, and have run across several regarding a sewalong. What a great idea. So, I went a purchased a skirt pattern and will be adding this to my LONG list of things to do. Someday I will win the lottery and lock myself away in my beach front mansion and sew, knit, bake and play all day...

Monday, February 20, 2006

A sheep shearing we will go...

and love every minute! Mom and I (she's the one standing and freezing in front of the barn) went to a Sheep Shearing on Saturday. It was soooooooooo cold, and began to sleet and snow, and we had a wonderful time! It was a 2 hour drive, stopped for a cajun filet biscuit at Bojangle's (love that place) and kept going down long, winding country roads until we saw the sign...Sheep Shearing, yeah!
I have never taken so many pictures of sheep :) My mom said she had a whole roll too. But I only posted a few, so you would get the idea. They were so beautiful and so matted! Maybe that's not the right word, but I loved it. Can't say that enough. I did buy 3 balls of roving, which I need to show you tomorrow, have to brag on my a proud momma. If I had hand cards and time and knew what I was doing I would have bought a bag of fleece. I had my eye on a bag from "Ella", she was a fine looking sheep!
I absolutely loved the look of the Navajo Churro sheep (pictured above in the supine position) as they were brought in and sheared. And I learned they are good for outerwear or rugs only. Did you know that? I didn't. Also, saw a few angora goats that were cutiepies!
Anyway, if you have never been to a shearing you MUST GO! I found this one by chance while surfing. It was held at Rising Meadow Farm in Greensboro, NC and my toboggan is off to them for some fine looking sheep :) I want one...
Speaking of toboggans, saw some great ones on heads while there and it made me want to try to knit one again. This time I am going for a different pattern with a bulky yarn I recycled. That's what I have been doing lately, ripping apart sweaters AND working on a tooth fairy costume for teaching dental care. That's a whole other story...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Take that you sweater!!!!!

As you can see, I won the sweater match with the thrift store wool. I spent last night unraveling this black and white beast and I'm quite pleased with my loot. This was one of the easiest sweaters to unravel and produced a nice pile of yarn, which I have soaking in the tub as I type. Why does the wool get a bubble bath and I don't? I need to rethink this...

My mom gave me some beautiful wool sweaters to break down, but 2 of them :( are seamed, meaning they will unravel into short pieces. So, I am going to felt them and then cut them into bags. How does that sound? They are too great to get rid of and I can still create something fabulous :)

ONly 6 days until the Sheep Shearing in Greensboro, NC. Yes!!! Mom and I have been firming up out plans and loads of fun will be had by all.

I purchased a set of 3.5mm DPNS today to go along with my cutsie and cheap balls of yarn from Big Lots. These will be my first attempt at socks. I'm shaking!!! I don't know that I can accomplish socks, but I'm going to try. I'm also searching for a tank or vest to branch out...terrifying!!!!

Okay, I'm making some beef veggie soup and baking a banana bread for work. Just call me Susie Homemaker :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well lookee there....yarn, I think?

Tadaaaaaaa....I made yarn. Okay, here's the story. Me and the Spawn of Satan have been battling for a while now, not been pretty. I won't bore you with the old details of my spinning wheel. So, I have been spinning, changing tension, spinning, changing bands, spinning, using up a herd full of fleece, get the idea. She (spawn of satan) and I just haven't found our grove in the yarn making arena, but I have continued to work with her and finally spun a bobbin full. Now, does it look like wool? No, not really...more like a hairball. However, it is a skein of lovely gray wool. You just can't tell it from the picture. Ah, who am I kidding, you can't tell it when you have it in your face either. But if you squint, tilt your head to the left and think of fuzzy kittens and cupcakes you can get an idea of how it could be pretty and all things right in the world. Blahblahblah...

I am proud of my firstborn from the spawn, no matter how ugly it is :) WE must love our children. I am still working with the wheel, but very apprehensive about using my dyed roving on her just yet. Don't want to waste that when she is still bucking.

The sheep shearing is in a week and a half, yea!!!! I'm excited about that and looking forward to getting to "skirt" some fleece and buy up a trunk full to bring home. Although, I have a very small trunk, so I may have to shove some in the floorboard, behind the seats and in my mom's lap. Pictures will be taken and posted of the fun and excitement we will have.

Now I must go and work on a bulletin board for one of my schools. I am doing a get to know your new school nurse board. Kinda cool? So, I must take pictures of my cats and of me, ick!

Monday, February 06, 2006

New crafting center (yea!) and the ugly toboggan (boo!)

Where shall I begin? Well, might as well do worst first. I finished my first toboggan and ...hate it! Hate it!!! I followed the pattern to the knitting letter, measured correctly, knitted studiously and when complete...well, hated it. It looks so dorky on, thus no picture of me with it on. I can only handle so much shame! Be glad I'm actually showing it to you now. It is too short and way too loose. It is like a beanie, just missing the propeller! The pic that was with the pattern was so cute and I loved it! But where did mine go wrong? I was so saddened by my boggan failure :( and now unsure if I will try another...

But on a brighter note - my crafting center is complete. May not look like much in the picture (it doesn't do it justice), but it is a beauty to me! It has 2 pull out tables (lovely) for my sewing machines and my scrapbooking. It has 2 ribbon spool holders, a bobbin and thread holder, a door peg board, and the ENTIRE BACK is made from pegboard as well. Now isn't that just grand!!!! More than makes up for my sucky boggan (still shameful). Anyway, I spent last night trying to stuff all of my crafting junk in it and finally gave up when I couldn't satisfy myself on where to place everything. Meaning my closet is still full of boxes and bags. Hey, I admit I am peculiar!

At least I downsized on my supplies and that was a major accomplishment. Of course, I just rearranged some supplies...moving them out from under one bed and putting them under the other ;) I was just so tickled to have a unit that I could put everything in and then close the door. I had to share.

I am at this moment (besides typing) still contemplating what to knit for the Knitting Olympics. I signed up for felted slippers or booties, but now not so interested in that. I found a cute felted bag from Blacksheep Bags that I may tackle instead. Too many decisions. I guess I feel guilty having other projects in the lurch AND wanting to start on some spring skirts. I have one pattern that I made last year, adorable little Aline, knee length skirt. I have material for 2 more, but the pattern is too big and I cut it down by 1/2 last year and that didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Anyone know where you can get smaller patterns? The stores don't carry them and the sales clerks in my Hancock Fabrics look at me like I'm from Mars when I ask. Oh well, let me work on my knitting decision first and have some Chocolate No Bake Drop Cookies...that's what I'm screaming about .....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Recycled yarn on the horizon...

I found these two wool sweaters at a local thrift store and thought "wow, wouldn't these look great unraveled?!" So, I snapped them up and brought them home to deconstruct. Don't cha love that, being able to unravel a sweater and have all new yarn? Oh, the possibilities!!!!!!
However, I have yet to begin the deconstruction...I have added them to my pile of sweaters to work on. I just haven't made it to the pile yet :(

I have had a VERY busy week at work coming up with some fundraiser designs for a campaign to raise money for my school kids. I have busily cut out hearts, stamped letters, embossed squares, glued feathers and tied ribbons. I finally finished last night and was sooo very glad to be done! Now I can get back to knitting, yea!!!!!!!!

I also did a little surfing and found some great cupcake recipes at 52Cupcakes, which makes me want to run out right now and buy more chocolate. I will let you know how that turns out. Maybe this weekend I can whip up some Dark Chocolate cupcakes and finish my toboggan (will I ever?). It's a toss up between the boggan and the chocolate right now...think I might do a little of both.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Scrapbooking has taken over my needles...

I haven't knitted very much the past few days, because I have been trying to complete a mini paper bag scrapbook for a girl at work. She saw the knitted baby blanket at the shower and said she wanted one for her daughter, 3 months old. I felt bad :( but I didn't have the yarn to knit one up and knew I wouldnt' be making a yarn run anytime soon. Sounds crazy, but I NEED to use some stash yarn!!! Thus, the scrapbook.

I have tons, I mean TONS of scrapbook supplies and thought that would be perfect! I have been making them for myself and baby showers. Hey, I told you everyone I know is pregnant. Also, I have been making them for extra cash!! That's the good part. However, I hadn't made the mini paper bag kind, so I ventured out and "created" the cutest little book. I love it!!!! Now I am hooked on these. Please refer to the posted pictures that display the fine scrapbooking handiwork :) Alas, the paper took over my needles and now I must break that spell and get back to my hat, tote and scarf.

I also have some co-worker bdays coming up and need to come up with some quick knit ideas. I love to make my presents, because it is so much more personal (to me) than a bought gift. Although, I know a few people who think the complete opposite. Let's just not talk to them...

I put the finishing touches on the now infamous (because I said so) scrapbook while watching Dr. McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy last night. Aahhhhhhh...need I say more.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

what to do....

Not much to report today. It has been a beautiful day and I did get in some knitting, but nothing to really post about it. Sorry I am more-than-usual boring this evening. I'm searching the web looking for a daring cookie, cake, or cupcake recipe to try. I won't to try something new, break out of my baking box.

The baby blanket was a hit. The mother to be seemed to like it and I am so very glad. I might make another, just as a baby shower back-up. I seem to be invited to a lot of showers lately. Must be the weather.

Anyway, I will go bake and then maybe spin a little. I have given Spawn of Satan a few nights off this week and she seems to be rested :) Maybe it's safe to approach her...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On my way to a hat...someday...

maybe by next fall I will have this hat complete. I'm just happy to be knitting in the round with more than a garter stitch. I have impressed myself :) (tee-hee, doesn't take much to feel like I'm progressing)
I am using some leftover rose and grey wool yarn to knit this little toboggan. And it calls for double pointed needles!!! What was I thinking?! I am a scaredy cat when it comes to DPNs. Anyway, when I finally finish I will post the end product and we will all be amazed!

I have signed up for the Knitting Olympics. Now I have to find something challenging to knit. And for me that is not going to be hard...the challenging part. I am leaning towards baby booties, I'm sure I will find someone needing them in the future. Or a pair of felted knitted slippers. I have been lusting over patterns I continue to see for the slippers. But I have been a little chicken. And socks terrify me!!!!!!!!

I have been knitting, eating, and watching American Idol...hilarious!!! Are you watching? I have laughed, cringed, and sat with astonishment over some of these voices. On a different note - does anyone have any REALLY good cupcake recipes to share? I would love to find some not-your-ordinary-cupcake recipes. If you do, please direct me there.

Okay, let's get busy on that hat...

Monday, January 23, 2006

The little bag that could...

Here is my progress on the tote bag that will eventually be felted and beautiful :) I need a good road trip to finish knitting her up, since I often do my best knitting in the car. Although, I do get car sick (very car sick), that doesn't mean I don't like to knit on the road. That's a knitters dedication...ya know?

It has been a cold and wet day again around here and I have yet to thaw out. I need to be gathering resources for a handwashing class I am teaching to kinders on Wed. But I am too cold to work and visions of hot chocolate and brownies keep dancing in my head. I wish I had stopped and picked up ice cream to go on top of the brownies...wouldn't that be so good?!!! Oh, why couldn't I crave carrots? Or celery? But no, my cravings are fattening and never ending. I must give in...I have no is taking me over...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Actually, here she is ... evil wheel

For some reason the blog was not wanting to cooperate with posting all 3 pictures. Hmmm, wonder if the wheel and the blog are in cahoots against me posting the pics...sounds like a conspiracy. This is the evil wheel...
Notice some of the cats tried to get into the action. Actually I moved the wheel and that just caused chaos amongst the "kids."

Here she is ... evil wheel

This is the skein I have been able to get thus far, so pitiful :(

This is the wheel I have so lovingly written of...a Cherub wheel made in New Zealand. She is new to the US and I found her by way of ebay. I have taken classes on a Lendrum wheel, which I loved! But it was not in my budget at this time. I found a great deal on the Cherub and purchased her back in Oct/Nov of last year.
Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful wheel - we just don't get along. The maker and distributor of this wheel have both been very gracious in offering advice and suggestions in how to get her in working and sociable order. Right now I would settle for sociable...she isn't very very rude and ill-tempered :) I did find out that the previous owner had made several modifications and that could be part of the reason she isn't wanting to cooperate with her new owner. So, I am at square one trying to coax a skein out of her. I added a pic of the skein I have been trying to spin for oh, several weeks!!!! She will spin a little then start to rattle, scrape, whine, stop spinning...etc. I am ready to pull my hair and her roving out.
Anyway, that is where I stand with Lady Cherub, or as I call her at home the Spawn of Satan.

It has been a cold and drizzly day around here and I spent the majority at my house (me and DH each have a house, long story) trying to mop and clean for the realtor. She starts showing it tomorrow for hopefully a throng of buyers :) If she doesn't sell, I am contemplating a yarn store!! Oh my gosh! Wouldn't that be wonderful, especially around here - where there is no yarn except for the craft stores. So it is a thought and my house would make a lovely knitting store, oh the possibilities....anybody got money?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

WoolieGirl searching for yarn

Here I am looking for yarn...
where are the yarn stores?
Went through the Smokey Mountains on a daytrip, which I thought would be a perfect opportunity to find some yarn. Nope...none. Not one single yarn store could I find! Lots of mountain roadside stands, mom-n-pop stores, outlets, but no yarn stores. I didn't find a single skein of yarn anywhere, with the exception of Wal-Mart :) But that doesn't count and you know that no matter where you are you have to go to Wal-Mart!
So, I was very disappointed! I got out at the parkway overlook and strained to find a yarn store below. It was a sad I was sick and that didn't make me good company either. But I did take some knitting and worked on the tote bag and found a cute hat I am going to try and talked myself into trying socks. Maybe it was just the cold medicine talking :)
I made a little progress on the spinning wheel last night. However, she and I are still feuding when it comes to tension. Anyone have suggestions about taming the tension beast? I would greatly appreciate it. I will take some pics tonight and post them tomorrow. Now I am off to knit and watch CSI, oh yes! And find a suitable snack...maybe hot chocolate - yum. That goes very well with my cold medicine.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sleepy cats

Aren't they sweet? I just had to show you these two cuties. Ainsley and Truman are sleepyheads all the time and they are precious when they sleep. All curled up and fuzzy...I could give them big kisses on their furry heads. Oh, I just love them so much.
I'm still trying to figure out how I can profit from their hair :) There is so much of it, I know it would make a good yarn :):) But who am I kidding? I have drawers full of yarn, not to mention a closet stuffed with yarn that I have acquired over the past year. It is truly addicting. AND I don't have a clue what I am going to make with it!!! But I can't help but search out yarn stores and ebay sells and fondle it when I see it!!! ANyone else? Is there a yarn-a-holics support group?
Right now I should be working with my spinning wheel instead of chatting up my cats! But alas, I am typing about yarn. Maybe I will go make some hot cocoa, find some candy (preferably chocolate) and sit and look at my wheel.
I did get a little knitting on my tote bag complete and that was a goal this weekend. I will have to find a pic to show you the progress. AND I found a cardigan pattern (what? cardigan? am I insane?) that I am thinking about ordering. I need drugs...
Okay, chocolate first....drugs and wheel second :)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Start the music...the baby blanket is complete!!! (see me take a bow)

Here is the baby blanket...complete with tassels. It is so soft and cuddly and knitted up very pretty. It probably does only take 4 hours, if you sit down at one time and knit. Unlike me, knit for 5 minutes when I can. Hats off to LionBrand for the 4 hour baby blanket.

NOw I am going to start a felted scarf from an idea I found on Spun Magazines website. It is the DIY Sweater Arm Scarf you sew up after you deconstruct the sweater and felt it and cut it up...
I found a couple of cool wool sweaters at Goodwill (yea for Goodwill) and felted them last night. One is a lovely gold and the other a vibrant lime, even though it looks yellow in the pic. Now I get to cut them up and create a new scarf, full of fun stitches.

For the technical part of this post; why can't I post a pic in the spot I want? I put it were I want it then it moves to the top...ALWAYS! We have already established my computer challenges, so it has to be something simple that I just can't grasp. Please my pics go with their correct verbage.

Okay, off to find some tea and cut my felt :) Good times.