Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Frogged it....:(

Short note here, because I am in mourning for the evening. I had to frog my lovely feather and fan shawl. :(:(:( It was a sad event, but had to be done. The pattern just didn't look right and wasn't the right size either. So, a froggin we will go...I ripped it all out and am getting ready to start all over. At least the sun came out today. That's a plus.

And it was the last day as the Nutrition teaching banana, what a relief. It was fun while it lasted, but was getting tedious! I couldn't see out of the costume! And the jokes were getting old....the list goes on and on, you can imagine. So, back to plain ole school nurse tomorrow :)

So, I will get to knitting while HOUSE is on (love that show) and then catch some zzzzzzs. If I can sleep with my huge toad belly! I made chicken and dumplings tonight with baked sweet potatoes, green beans and biscuits. Yes, I know...biscuits and dumplings???? I couldn't help it, I have PMS...nuff said!

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