Saturday, September 15, 2012

This week has 2 projects....

Okay, so I bought this yarn on a whim.  I wanted to buy something and thought "why not, looks interesting."
Why not?  It is a pain to knit with!  I am sure there is a trick, but I couldn't find it.  I fumbled through and made the scarf and Ava looks great in it, but she looks great in anything :)

  I also made a baby bear hat for a friend's baby.  It is tiny, much tinier than I wanted.  Why can't I find a baby hat pattern that will fit a baby's head and not just an orange!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

My photoshoot :)

I used my anatomy body as a backdrop for my shawl :)

 Random cuteness!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I finished a test knit!!!

 We took a little beach vacation over the weekend to end the summer with a smile.  While on the beach I finished knitting a wonderful test knit pi shawl.

The awesome Socks bunny knit and fit has designed a beaded pi shawl that I test knit and LOVED.  The beading was not hard at all and I was so afraid I would screw up, but didn't :)

I was binding off, minding my own business when an unleashed dog ran up and grabbed my shawl!  I screamed!!!  The dog let go and I rescued my shawl...
 I blocked this afternoon and hope to have the shawl ready for real pictures tomorrow, I'm so excited to show you!

My first test knit, my first pi shawl, my first beaded knit....I am thrilled and so thankful to Sock Bunny (Kimberly) for allowing me to be a test knitter.
I used Paton's Lace in the bonfire colorway on size 6 needles (interchangeable 32 inch cable).
 I also made a bulky preemie hat....modeled by the lovely orange...and
a little owl puff hooty owl with scrap handspun...

I thought this would be a cute gift card holder for my niece :)  I want to knit more of these cuties for smiles.