Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sewing to calm my stage fright...

You would think after so many years of taking bellydance class and performing 3 to 4 times a year I wouldn't get nervous, but I do!  Terribly nervous.  So nervous I dreamed last night I was on stage without my costume or make-up and messing up...I cried.  To combat nerves today I thought I would try making dog collars.  

I did and it worked, easy peasy, piece of cake!  I took an old (very stinky) collar apart and kept the hardware.  Then I took my hot pink webbing and made a collar...and sewed "Ava" on it, since Ava will be wearing it :)  Finley refuses to wear pink and gets mad when he gets the purple leash.
She really was thrilled with the collar, you just can't see it in her face right now.  We went on an hour hike through the woods and they were so tired.  It helped my stage fright to hike and focus on sewing....but I still got nervous as I drove over this my full tribal garb.  I need to post some pics so you can see what fun it is....If you have bellydance classes near you, take them!  Run and sign up. You will love it!!!
You will love the classes as much as Finley and Ava love each Truman looks on...he was finally too disgusted to stay any longer and jumped down.  Oh well, soulmates they are...they can't help it!

Go make some collars, you will love them and remain calm in the process!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Now when does summer vacation begin again???

In my area, school starts back for students tomorrow.  I'm not ready!!  In the past the school nurses (that is me) worked 12 months.  We had 6 weeks off this summer and it was so nice!!!  But I didn't get all the stuff I normally would have if I had been working.  So the past 2 weeks I have frantically been playing catch up with staff training and getting ready for my wee ones to return and I just don't feel ready!  I need summer vacation again.

Thus, I have not been doing the fun stuff that relaxes me; reading blogs, baking, sewing, spinning, knitting...I have been fretting and working :)  I need to just get 15 minutes of my fiber therapy in and I will feel better.  Know how that is???

Oh yes, and getting ready for my bellydance student performance!  Yes it is this Saturday and I am so nervous.  Though I have been doing this for almost 6 years now I still panic. 
I will be in 3 tribal "numbers" and one Egyptian....I love the sparkly costumes for Egyptian.  Hey, I just like playing dress up, who am I kidding?????  And getting to wear lots of make-up and false lashes :)  What if you are in Newton, NC on Saturday at 6pm come on out and see us!  It is a blast!!!  

I will be the one trying not to vomit from nerves or looking constipated (as I have been told I do) from concentrating so hard.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Skinny Ruffles Shawlette....she is done!

I am very pleased with the outcome; simple, fairly quick, feels great...I used Araucania Ulmo Multy and it took 2 skeins.
I blocked it out for a couple of days, though after one night it was dry.  I just got too busy to take out the pins...or you could say I forgot!!!

I love the ruffled edge, it really sets the pattern off, as does the center line...can you tell I loved this shawl pattern???
This is the pattern and I do recommend you try it if you want a simple pattern (great for car travel, waiting in line, walking around the home improvement store with your husband) that is very pretty.  I might make another!!!  But I have a few more things to conquer in the world of knitting first!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A red letter day....

My teachers came back to work today, which meant I had to get up in front of them and provide health training.  Ugh....I get so nervous speaking in front of groups.  It is worse when I am teaching people that teach for a living...very self conscious don't you see?

I calmed my nerves with my new red $3.00 tennies to be exact.  I just love these little shoes so much and for 3 smackers I bought them in navy blue as well.

They must have worked to calm my nerves, for no one threw food, pencils, books, or rocks at me.  I wasn't booed...not laughed it was a red letter day for me :)

Now my kids come back next week.  Think I will sport the navy shoes for that day, break things up a bit.  Let them see how cool I am :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

You have to try this bread!

I love bread, man I love carbs...all carbs, but really love bread.  I found this recipe and tried it and LOVED it and now making it again...and again...and again... Cheesy Focaccia Bread.  It is so simple and quick and delicious. 

Here is the lovely bread rising for 20 minutes, right after my tender kneading of the dough...actually it was more like a beat down!

Tonight it will be the crust of my BBQ chicken pizza....the only change I made this time was used half whole wheat flour and half all-purpose flour...we shall see how it turns out.  Oh, and threw in some red pepper flakes. 
I further had my way with the crust when I spread it out on the pizza stone.  Shhh, I forgot to preheat the stone to give it that extra crispy bottom...don't tell His Majesty, he won't be happy.
Then I slapped on some BBQ sauce and scrambled for my toppings, which happened to be grilled chicken, sauteed onions and green peppers, and cilantro.  I think it looks rather tasty....oh yeah, I did cook the little devil pre sauce and toppings for 10 minutes...just to speed it along.  Then slung it back in the oven post toppings for about 15 more minutes.  (light on the cheese please, so I can justify ice cream and Diet Pepsi cupcakes later!!!)

Ta-da beautifully baked and crisped pizza with this amazing bread recipe.  Now, you may hate it, but I love it :)
***post eating time remember to preheat the pizza stone then molest the dough all over it....that might help crisp it more, since the sauce stops a lot of the crisping process.
When you make this focaccia following the recipe and eating as a bread, it has a wonderful texture...go try it!

Now I can go spin some fiber and pick out a little project to use up 85 yards of my handspun...that means pattern search!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh, the joy of tidiness...also known as Oh crap, I have way too much stuff!

That happens when you start getting organized.  I tackled my fabric and started getting my stash a little more organized.  Years ago I had read a tip about using comic book cardboard to help fold stash fabric to keep it tidy.  It works wonders....when you do it every time!  I had been tossing my stash into the baskets, but was losing track of what I had, so back to the boards.  I don't remember where, who, or when I read this tip, but I'm passing it along in the hopes it helps someone...

Easy peasy fabric scrap filing system...

1.  I went to my comic book store and bought a box of 100 comic backing boards and broke out pins I already had in the cabinet.

2.  I lay the fabric "scraps" out and place a backing board on top.  I fold the fabric around the board, which gives it stability to keep tidy in a bastket.  I secure it around the board with a straight pin.

3.  Here you see how the fabric just folds over the board and easily pins in place.
4.  I then file the fabric scraps into my baskets, which allows me to see what I have at a glance and keep things tidy :)  The backing boards support the fabric, so it doesn't just pool up in the basket.

5.  And then the baskets go into the sewing room and onto the gotta love that!!
And while you are organizing it helps to have a cat close by to help keep things running smoothly.  Ainsley is the perfect helper...but she will NOT work over-time, so make it snappy.

I hope this very simple filing system will help someone is one of the best tips I have ever found.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My last trip....

A little late in posting, but a few weeks ago I took a little trip to Charleston (one of the best places in the my opinion).  The weather was wonderful; sunny and hot...huge shower one afternoon.  We did the touristy thing and walked everywhere, took pictures, ate non-stop, shopped at the market and the outlet, and ate some more.We rented some bikes to tool around the town and that made sightseeing so much easier and fun.  But it was 98 degrees the day we rode, hot!  I survived the heat, but had to make a pit stop at Baked for a snack.  I chose a chocolate dipped macaroon and a peanut butter cookie.  Yes, I'm a pig!After the little snack-a-roo we pedaled around some more until we made it over to a knitting store.It was Knit to be exact!  I love this store.  It is packed with yarn goodness and I always make a stop here when in Charleston.  I made my yarn souvenir purchase (I didn't go crazy!) And then on over to a beading store where I bought 2 large beads for future pendants. I had to take this picture at Knit....I want those cookies!
More cycling and shopping and picture taking ensuedand we ate some more :)  It was a mini vacation, so we had to eat!

Monday, August 09, 2010


Thank you so much for was easy, I have 2 winners!  Brenda and Fru-la-la (Silly Fru) left comments and will be receiving the stitch markers!  I learned my love of crafting like you ladies; from my grandmother and mother.  Wonderful memories and continued enjoyment.

So, shoot me an email with your address and I will drop these in the mail to you!!  You can reach me at  And I will see what else I can post for a giveaway...I'm in the mood!!!

Thanks again for participating!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

A giveaway...

Recently, I was the recipient of a great giveaway by Stash Resolution.  I won a very cute 3-fat quarters gift and I love them....they are so cheery and I am incorporating them into a patchwork tote.  I decided I wanted to give something away as well and have 2 sets of stitch markers to give.

That means 2 winners!  Each winner will receive 4 beaded stitch markers, either green or red.  This will be my very first giveaway and I am very excited...I love this and see many more in my future!  I actually made several more sets for that purpose...whoohoo!

So, just leave a comment...oh let's say the topic is "who taught you the love of crafting" and I will pick 2 winners at random on Monday afternoon.  I will be taking my mammaw to breakfast Monday morning, so when I get home at 12ish (she lives a little over an hour gives me time to get back home) I will post the winners.  Hey, if I only get one comment, then you win both!  Come on...join in ;)  I need to find homes for all the future beading I want to do.

Friday, August 06, 2010


This has been a long week for my family, but we have survived and will continue.  We dearly miss my papaw and I wish he was still here with us, with mammaw.  We have spent this week remembering, talking, sharing stories and meals together, and being a family...a big family that can be scary to some people, because we are loud!  I like it!

When I got home from mammaw's I realized my house was a little bit a mess, since I had been in and out all long enough to sleep and then right back out and on the messy house!
I had also neglected (not on purpose) all of my furry children.

So yesterday and today I spent most of my time giving them hugs and kisses and cleaning.  You can see what they did....sleep.  Finley and Ava took their pillow positions.  Corbin grabbed a prime sofa seat, while Truman hid out under the table...ahhh just a normal day in my house.  I like the feeling of makes me feel like things will be okay.

Now I have clean floors, empty hampers, uncluttered kitchen counters, and an empty sink.  Tomorrow will be hiking, knitting, spinning and maybe a little sewing....trying to de-stress and lower the anxiety around here...happy thoughts.  AND I will be posting a giveaway!  I hope someone else will be as excited as I am about that!

Monday, August 02, 2010

My papaw

Carl Eugene Key
My papaw was the BEST MAN I have ever known.  This afternoon we lost my papaw, he passed away.  I have never met a man like him and I never will, the mold was broken.  He was a hard worker, an honest man, a Christian, a giver.....he was my papaw.

This picture was taken this past December when we celebrated the 60th wedding anniversary of him and my mamaw.  60 years, amazing!  He never liked having his picture taken, probably where I get that from, so I don't have many recent ones of him.

This afternoon my family was able to spend some time with him, remember him, laugh and cry.  Over the next few days I am sure all will be a blur...there are so many things I want to tell you about this remarkable man, but right now I just have no words.  My heart is aching.