Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday and I have green yarn!

Boo-yah, finished the lime green/yellow Punta fiber and have 196 yards of yarn.  As you are probably thinking, no I have not checked the WPI....that would mean I have to dig out the little tool and I am tired :)

I believe this will become a little monster or two...perfect Hulky green monster colors.

Other events around here include lots of puppy naps and cats taking turns looking out the door.  They must be waiting on a ride or a pizz delivery...

 And lots of backyard ball has been played and songs sung....I think they look like they are singing. I'm going with Bohemian Rhapsody, since that is one of our favorites to belt out at any given moment.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The bleeping socks are done and the cow gave me the stink eye....

 I finally finished these socks and I never thought I would, but they are blocking right now.  Thank goodness!!

These are a modified version of the Primavera Socks  pattern with my very first Afterthought Heel heel.  Not sure how I feel about them at this minute....not sure if I love the fit. 

The yarn is a Knit Picks yarn, I think Essential and that stuff fuzzes up when water hits it.  Reminds me of a Gremlin.

I have to say I loved my Ott light for helping my old eyes see the stitches when trying to start the heel.
 On our afternoon dog walk yesterday, Finley, Ava and I stopped to admire the neighbor's new calf.  The mama kept giving me the stink eye.  So rude!

If I could have jumped the fence and stole the calf I would have!
After this morning's walk, Finley decided to relax with a little doggie yoga and I cast on a bracelet with leftover handspun.

I love me some Finley!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday cuteness coming your way!

 Ava is so much cuter than any yarny goodness I can show you today.

We spent the day playing (with some knitting thrown in too) and enjoying icee pops in the backyard.  Ava enjoyed the coconut best.  I think she must be a Pina Colada girl at heart.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Look, I made more yarn!

 I FINALLY finished plying up my roving.  I have decided plying is my least favorite part, blah.  This was a Two if by hand braid in the Go Square Go color.

 I had 4 ounces of BFL and I did a 2 ply from my 2 bobbins....this was a true pleasure to spin!

I ended up with approximately 228 yards.

  I haven't whipped out the WPI tool to figure out what weight, but I do love the end product....yarn!
Now the tough part is what to make with this gorgeous yarn....

eta:  finally checked WPI and have 14 to 15...guessing fingering?  So not sure what a 220 some yard fingering will be, suggestions?  I wanted to do another 198 yards of Heaven shawl, but that requires worsted....will have to research this.  I do love the end colors :)  Don't you love spinning???!!!