Thursday, December 30, 2010

Playing catch-up....

Flamingo, from Miss 2 of these
So SAFF, this wonderful festival each year in Hendersonville, October.  Have you been there?  Make plans to go if you haven't and get ready for the schedule (whenever it is posted), because I will!  I go each year and love every minute.
I bought several things this year and here are just a few of my lovely finds :)
Tussah silk to add to batts, since I am going to drum up a few of my own....I'm so excited!

And a little batt I found on my way out that I loved.  IT is so soft!
I just have to order my drum carder.  I took a class on art yarn spinning from Jazz Turtle Creations and LOVED it.  I highly recommend this class if you ever get a chance.  I decided I want a drum carder and want to play with batts, so I am taking that plunge next year.
This is my yarn, MY yarn from this class.  I love it so much.  No clue what to do with it right now, but just look at it with such happiness.  It has sequins, feathers, fabric, strings, felted much fun!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowy days....

Snowy days to me mean finishing up projects or naps.  Since I don't have "me time" for naps (interrupted by others) I chose to work on some projects.  I finished plying some handspun from a few months ago.  Yes, that long ago!  Shame on  me for being so slack.  I think I have about 212 yards in this and don't even remember what it was....though it would be easy enough for me to go back and find, but alas I am lazy.
And snowy days also mean starting new socks with this KnitPicks yarn, Essential in Meadow Multi.  It is superwash merino and nylon and VERY splitty.  Oh my gosh, so splitty!  That is driving me crazy.  I have been wanting to learn how to start socks from the toe up, but have never found a class.

I am a visual/hands on learner, so hearing it and reading it are harder for me.  I want to see it!  I broke down and bought Toe Up 2-at-a-time socks to learn how and it worked!  I started my first pair of toe up socks. 
It doesn't look like much, but it is the beginning for this little journey and so far I am enjoying it.  I just hope I don't panic when it comes time for the heels and gussets, etc.  
Now I plan to go and spin a little on some roving I picked up at SAFF :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

A few projects I have been working on...

 Just a few projects I have finished in the last couple of months...making gifts.

These are scarves I made for coworkers.  They are fleece on one side and fabric with ball tassels on top.  I ended up making 4 more too!  Great, warm gifts that help use up stash fabric.

 The 18 seconds to sunrise hat from Ravelry was another gift.  A fairly quick knit also and the end result a nice thick hat.  Used stash yarn on 10 needles.  Was a super bulky yarn, no clue from where, but worked great.  Might make one for me too :)

 Classic WWII Watch cap is also from Ravelry and made with Patons Classic Wool in Mercury.  I actually remember this yarn!  Took longer than I expected, but happy with the hat. 

This was supposed to be a headband, but wanted to use all of my handspun, so it is a little scarflette.  I need to block the lace pattern out, since it looks all scrunched up.  I dyed this roving last year and spun it up this spring.  Now I have knitted it into a cute scarflette.  Yes, needs to be blocked...
Baby Jester hat was made for a baby gift.  It actually has 3 points and is so stinking cute!  I plopped it onto a grapefruit to get a picture.  I hope they like it.  Haven't heard from them since I gave the gift....

The Hannah hat from Ravelry
I made 3 of these out of my handspun (the darker purplish color at top is one of them), then made 2 out of leftover yarn from other baby projects.  This was a quick knit and if I do anymore I will definitely make them longer, since they come just to the top of my ears.

So, just a few things I have finished.  Nothing major or fancy.  Just idle knitting that has been a stress reliever.
I have started another pair of socks, a sweater vest, and a fan and feather scarf too.  I really need to go clean house :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

And life goes on....

Terry Douglas Key, one of the greats....
I missed my blog, but my heart just wasn't in it for me...wasn't in anything really.  My grandfather passed away in August this year.  My uncle tragically passed away in October.  He was at work (his job entailed being on the lake at times) and he and a coworker went missing from there boat one day.  The next day they were found.  My family has had a tough time this fall and I have been angry and sad, but I am getting back in there....  I still think of them both and cry...can't help it, just do.  They were both wonderful men.

I have found solace and much prayer time in knitting.  I have tried to steal minutes here and there to knit and talk to God about what has happened and it has helped.  Knitting is such a stress reliever!

So on this snowy Christmas day I decided to visit my blog and start again.  I have completed a few projects over the last few months and of course I didn't take pictures of everything before I gave them away.  That is the forgetful side of me.  Anyway, I want to get back in here and breath life again with a happy heart.

Merry Christmas to each of you! I hope you have a blessed holiday season.  Safe with friends and family and wishes granted.  Hug those you love, tell them you love them!  Don't it now!  :)