Thursday, April 28, 2011

I really have been busy...

I've started the Multnomah shawl over 3 times now.  Still not loving it, but satisfied.  It isn't the pattern I don't love, it's my yarn.  It is some handspun of mine that I feel is just to overspun, but I am DETERMINED to use it ;)

I finally blocked my #104 cap sleeve cardigan vest and I am very pleased with the results.
 I had to get a new board to block on, since my blocking mats are now in Finley's kennel.  I went to the local home improvement store and bought the insulation board they sell in the 8 foot sheet.  They are 4 feet x 8 feet and I had it cut in two to fit in the car.  It works way better than my mats ever did!
 And then there is this chaotic mess all over the table!

I am working on new belly dance hip scarves for upcoming shows and I have taken over the place with fabric, yarn tassels, and beads.
 I've even shined my zils....ready for this Saturday's performance at the "Day of Unity" in our town.  Fun!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My newest family member :)

I bought a drum carder....I'm so happy!  I have it almost put together and ready to dive into.  Work and too many pokers in the fire are coming between us forming our true bond.  Grrrrrrr....I want to play with it!!!

I get a few days off for Easter break and this little lady (Dorothea is her name) is at the top of my list of things to do.

If you have any drum carding tips, please send them my way.  I need them!  It will be trial and error, but I will love learning and spinning.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm a slacker! :)

It has been great weather for the most part here in Western NC. We have had some major storms with tornadoes and flooding, but today has been beautiful.

The gorgeous days mean outdoor poopy time for me :)  I love playing with Finley and Ava, but that also means no knitting.  Ava tries to eat the yarn :(

But I did get to make a few more drawstring project bags and will be sending a few as gifts!

  Here is one of the project bags I cranked out to hold knitting fun. 

I did break my Van Dyke shawl out of hibernation and knitted about 5 rows, then back into hiding.  The cream color is soooooo boring.  I should have dyed the yarn first, but it was purchased the day of the class and all I could no other choice.  I will be so happy to finish it and dye it! 

I made it to the point of starting the heels on my Tuscany socks and now I have frozen ... these are my first Toe Up socks and I am terrified at this point of screwing up.  I need to just jump right in and start trying to figure out the pattern, after all I can always rip them out ;(
I guess that will be tonight's knitting before bed...trying to defeat the fear of be continued...if you have any suggestions for overcoming this heel fear PLEASE share.  I am used to heels on top down, but this way is confusing me.
What about an afterthought heel?  Thoughts on those????? Anybody????

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Knitting project bags

I love project bags, LOVE them!  But right now my budget is slim, so I can't buy all of those pretty bags I keep looking at on Etsy.  I decided to use some scrap fabric and make a couple of bags this weekend.

I made a small drawstring bag for socks (right now holding a half knitted washcloth)closed drawstring

opened, nice large opening

And then my big project bag. 

I added pockets inside to hold my post-its, pen, pattern, tape measure....Right now it holds my cap sleeve cardigan vest.  I am almost finished with this project, yahoo!  I am on the bottom moss stitch band.  I will finish the neck and arm bands and done! 

I plan to make a few more drawstring bags this week :)