Monday, May 29, 2006

Has it been that long????????

Short and sweet until I get my pics taken. Has it been since the 24th since I posted? I'm telling you, life is killing me right now:) I haven't spun, barely knitted, didn't buy yarn at the new store! Life is just pushing me. But I shouldn't complain, I have a great life!

I have knitted a smidgen, but what I have been doing is sucky homework. This week I have written one paper, 2 discussion forums, read 4 chapters, 16 tests!!!!!!! Yes 16!!!!!!! And I have one more discussion forum and paper due tomorrow. Followed by 2 chapters and 2 tests again this week and then start over for next week. This blows!!!!! So, do you see where I have been?

Okay, back to the paper. Then I hope to load a few things on ebay, spin a little, knit a little, plant a little and probably drink a little ;) Just kidding, I have nothing to drink! But I may go for a diet cherry limeade after I am through...because I deserve it!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I am so ready for a vacation. I started back to school this week with 2 classes, on top of working full-time, part-time and knitting, spinning, baking, dyeing.... I don't have enough time or hands. I did take some pics, but haven't had time to load them. I am so sorry! I promise to do better! really i do....
okay, i am home from class and getting ready to have ice cream for dinner before crashing into bed. maybe tomorrow i will be worth reading ;)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

what's up with the computer, and a guild meeting..

What's up with the Blogger? Anyone have problems getting into your blog the past few days? I have! But on now, so I am happy. I had my monthly spinning guild meeting today and that was a happy event as well. We didn't have a speaker, but just a show and tell day with light refreshments. It was nice and allowed me to hit the TJMaxx in that town, which is bigger than mine :) I found a cute tote that will work great for yarn. Multi-purpose!

I have started a triangular shawl from my odd lot yarn stash and it is quickly knitted and summery, so that makes me happy. I should just say this is a happy day! My cats are starting to get over their colds, thank goodness. I couldn't afford any more vet bills or antibiotics!! That is not cheap.

I found a cute bathing suit at Target, but no one to tell me if it made my butt look big, so I put it back. I have to have an opinion! You know how that goes...painful.

My guild's handwork day is this coming Saturday and I am all set to take the Spawn of Satan there and let the other gals have a crack at her. She is sooooo evil! I have tweaked the tension band everyway I can and she still kinks the yarn up into ugly coils without taking it into the orifice and onto the bobbin. Evil!!!!

And I must say that I said no to Alpaca fleece today! I wanted a bag so badly, but I said NO! I am proud of myself. I said no because I do not need it right now, want yes...need no. And because it wouldn't fit in my car!

Okay, off to exercise. I had too many sweets this weekend!

Monday, May 15, 2006

My blog... a neglected child :(

I am so sorry my little wooliegirl blog for neglecting you so much these past few weeks. I have let life get in the way. But I'm sure you all understand!!! I have been trying to wash these fleece and that is so time consuming for me and then there is work and school and finishing up a scrapbook for a lady at just continues. I haven't had time to knit!!! I hate it!!! I haven't even had time to spin!!! I need time...

I did take my mother and grandmother for a Mother's Day lunch on Saturday and that was fun. We went to a nice little Italian restaurant in town, Gondolier, and had eggplant parmesan and Reese's Cup cake...all was wonderful and then I gave them big hanging baskets. I also went to the nursery and bought some flowers for my porch, but haven't planted them yet!!! Yet another item for the list.

I have decided I will spend 30 minutes tonight on a new knitting project and 30 minutes on the wheel, Spawn of Satan! She had better get ready! Then I have a baby project and wedding one to start. How many hours of sleep do I need?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

no pics, just words today...

Well, I have a pile of stuff to take pics of but just not time to track down the camera, so boring words for now. Sorry! I received my wool hand carders in the mail today, whoohoo. Now I can begin to do something with all the fleece I have been working on. The lady that I got the first bags from told me today that she has one more bag to give me. Yes, give me !!! How generous. So I had better stock up on my Dawn liquid and get to washing.

I am preparing for Kindergarten Roundup at my schools this week. This will be my first as their school nurse. I am excited, because I get to wear jeans and a cowboy hat. How fun!!!! However, one of the teachers commented today that it was stupid and we would look stupid and she didn't want to do it. I don't mind...I love to dress up. Guess I am just a silly girl.

I have been busy with the bread it!!! I wish I had more time to make more bread :) and knit and spin and dye wool and comb the cats. Boy do they need a good brushing. Ainsley and Truman are sporting dreadlocks these days.

Oh yeah, I think I finally sold my house!!!! The sucky realtor is supposed to give me a definite tomorrow. Okay, let's go get busy...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ladies, the cable purse is complete...I need a drink...

I finished the cable purse and I like it. If I do another, and most likely will, I will use different handles. These dip the purse down in the middle and make it a little stiffer than I like. But, I do like the end result. It wasn't much to look at when I finished and stretched it out to see what I had, but in the is pretty. Most of the ones I have seen have a ribbon woven thru and then a big bow. Not sure if I want that or not.

Anyway, I have been busy washing fleece this week and that is a chore. Why didn't someone tell me how long that takes!! Man, I am tired and still have one HUGE bag of fleece to go through. So, bring on the drinks! I will have a tea please. Or a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade from the Sonic...:) that's good drinking.

I bought a bread machine on ebay and received it and have baked a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, which I am eating right now. Very tasty. However, the seller did not tell the truth in her auction and that was disappointing. But it works, as far as I can tell, so I will let it go.

What's next on the knitting front? I don't have a clue! I have so many projects I want to try and no idea where to start. This morning I was looking for something to knit and became overwhelmed! I had to leave the room and make my snack. Do you ever feel that way? I want to try socks again, but still a little scared. And I found a cool shrug that is inviting, but just not sure. Oh well, I'll finish my bread and think about lunch :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Okay, slow going today on the washing stinky fleece front. WEnt to work as usual, got home, started to wash...started to feel a little upset stomach. Rinsed once and BAM the vomiting began!!!! So, fleece had a rinse and spin and on the deck to breathe the night air, while I hug the toilet.

What is up with that? It needed another rinse, but I knew I couldn't handle that and vomit. I would rather have a little dirty fleece than a pukey fleece. What do you think? Anyway, I have had a reprieve of sickness for the past few minutes and wanted to say HI!

Make it stop!!!! My mom asked could it be the wool????? Oh no!!!! Never!!!!! Take away the chocolate, but give me the wool ;)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Doesn't look like much, but someday it will....maybe

Okay, here is the first bag of fleece I received. The other 2 bags are on the way and I will pick them up on Thursday. So, I have gone through the "mess" and loaded the fleece into the mesh bags to soak. Hopefully, I will have good results without felting (eekkk!) and end up with clean fleece to card. What joy!!!

Let me tell you...I opened the bag and instantly smelled like I was on the farm. The cats kept sniffing around the bag when I first got it home and when I took it onto the deck, SibbyDog took up residence right beside the bag and didn't leave the entire hour I picked through it. I feel this calls for dessert and I have a brownie left over from the batch I baked and took to school this morning. I do believe I shall go enjoy that brownie, while visions of clean fleece dance in my head... Should I mention I still smell like a sheep :)