Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Okay, slow going today on the washing stinky fleece front. WEnt to work as usual, got home, started to wash...started to feel a little upset stomach. Rinsed once and BAM the vomiting began!!!! So, fleece had a rinse and spin and on the deck to breathe the night air, while I hug the toilet.

What is up with that? It needed another rinse, but I knew I couldn't handle that and vomit. I would rather have a little dirty fleece than a pukey fleece. What do you think? Anyway, I have had a reprieve of sickness for the past few minutes and wanted to say HI!

Make it stop!!!! My mom asked could it be the wool????? Oh no!!!! Never!!!!! Take away the chocolate, but give me the wool ;)

1 comment:

April said...

OOOH! You could not possibly be sick due to the wool!!! No way! Has to be something else. Hope you're feeling better soon.