Sunday, July 22, 2012

TDF 12 day 22.....

Today is the final day of TDF 12 and I finished the second bobbin of the latest BFL pulled from the bin.  I will be plying this week and hopefully will have more than the pattern of 242 that I have gotten this summer.  I ended with 16 ounces spun, which is a record TDF for me and I met my goal of spinning at least 15 minutes a day, with the exception of a beach vacation :)  Now I need to figure out what to knit with my handspun....get to spinning, get to knitting.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


My TDF 12 continues and I 2 plyed the superwash BFL, Bitten (4 ounces).  I am naming it Explicit, so kinky it deserves an X rating.  It is SO kinky.  I have about 246 yards of a sportish weight.

  I love the colors and I love the feel, but frustrated that the last 3 braids I have spun have all been in the 240 yard range.  Hey, at least I am consistent :)

But what to knit with 240ish sport weight yards????????????

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seat post readjusted and back on the spinning wheel for TDF....

 I'm back on a roll, which is good because I go back to work Monday and need to get this spinning done!

I finished 2 bobbins of the superwash BFL and that needs to be plyed.....sometime this week!
 I dug into the fiber bin and found a cream/pink/orange BFL to start next and decided to try fractal spinning.
I am so close to finished bobbin 1, so close, but my back is killing me from sitting and spinning.

This bobbin has the 4 parts from the split.  I will do the other whole part next and then plying magic will take place.  I have no clue what it should look like then, but it will be a first for me!

Monday, July 16, 2012

I think I have been kicked off the TDF tour :(

We went on a little vacation to the beach and I wasn't able to spin for TDF, so I think I have been kicked off!  Nah, just put on the sidelines, but home and back at it....spinning away.  I 2 plyed the mystery BFL and have about 242ish yards and very pleased with the end yarn.  Yep, it is kinky but I love it.
I stopped for some peanut butter cup chocolate ice cream, I'm in training you know!  And split a superwash BFL braid.  I have 4 ounces of this gorgeous roving and it is named "Bitten" from Pigeonroof Studios.
I have bobbin 1 finished and the colors are spectacular.  I have never spun SW before and it was a little tricky for me at first, because it is slippery!  I have started bobbin 2 today. 

 Oh, here is the reason I wasn't spinning....the beach!  I had to throw in some random Poopies pictures...they are so cute!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Oh, is TDF 12 so far, I'm slack!

 Okay, this isn't TDF (Tour de Fleece) 12, but something I did in June at the beach.  Made a cute wrist wrap from leftover handspun I had....think this was the peacock colorway from mom's shawl.
 I was sitting in the car with the poopies waiting on His Majesty to come out of Harbor Freight when I finished this up and did an impromptu photo shoot. 
I think the guy in the truck beside me was concerned that I was photoing my lap :)
 Okay, here is where my TDF 12 begins.  First day I weighed and split some gorgeous merino.  This was from a destash and Ravelry gals, have some more destashes please!!!!

The Yarn Wench  black cherry 1 I discovered that merino wool HATES me!!!

 This was my first trip down the spin-some-merino-lane and it was a rough ride.  I had some kinky singles on the bobbins....while the merino rested I started on some BFL....ah love you BFL.
Finley assisted in the spinning process
A mystery BFL in blues and grays and gorgeous all the way around!
BFL bobbin 1 almost clue what TDF days these are
Ava graciously modeled the 2 plied merino, which resulted in 242ish yards and is very soft and making me happy.  Though it kept giving me the stink eye on the wheel.  Maybe I won't get rid of the remaining merino in the bins...though hiring a hit man to take it out was in the cards for a while.

BFL bobbins 1 and 2 finished and ready to be plied, but no one here wants to ply them.....we are tired of plying