Monday, July 16, 2012

I think I have been kicked off the TDF tour :(

We went on a little vacation to the beach and I wasn't able to spin for TDF, so I think I have been kicked off!  Nah, just put on the sidelines, but home and back at it....spinning away.  I 2 plyed the mystery BFL and have about 242ish yards and very pleased with the end yarn.  Yep, it is kinky but I love it.
I stopped for some peanut butter cup chocolate ice cream, I'm in training you know!  And split a superwash BFL braid.  I have 4 ounces of this gorgeous roving and it is named "Bitten" from Pigeonroof Studios.
I have bobbin 1 finished and the colors are spectacular.  I have never spun SW before and it was a little tricky for me at first, because it is slippery!  I have started bobbin 2 today. 

 Oh, here is the reason I wasn't spinning....the beach!  I had to throw in some random Poopies pictures...they are so cute!

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