Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you!  I took the poopies out for a trick-or-treat walk and now back to knit :)  Sounds like a good Halloween to me.

I broke the Star Crossed Slouchy-beret out of it's hiding bag and began working on it a little more and hope to finish it by next week.

Remember...I am a SLOW knitter, don't pressure me!

Ava and Finley wish you a happy day as well....they allow me to dress them up for trick-or-treating :)

Save the Reese's cups for me!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A few goodies from SAFF...

"Lavender" and "Vampire" merino from Unplanned Peacock Studio


"Peggy" mixed BFL & Tussah Silk Top from Miss Babs

"Mountain Mist" merino/bamboo/nylon from River's Edge Fiber Arts

Finley Muldoon...just because he is so handsome!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

SAFF 2011 (part two)....more fiber goodness

Jazzturle creations...

Jazzturle yarn bag (I will be doing this!)

 a net "bird's nest" could be found throughout the venue....a net bag stuffed with yarns, strings, and fiber to hand outside and provide birds with nesting supplies.  Such a great idea.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm going to SAFF!

Tomorrow I will be hopping in the car and heading to SAFF for the most loved weekend :)  I love SAFF, I love the people, the classes, the vendors, the animals...every inch of SAFF.  Three days of happiness for those that get to enjoy SAFF.  You should go too!  Find me, say hello, I will be the girl (in pigtails) fondling the roving with a huge smile.

Not SAFF related, but I found this great book at my local Ollie's store yesterday afternoon and I love it.  $2.99, such a deal.
Elegant Scarves and Wraps has 25 beautiful designs and I am adding a few "necessities" from the book to my SAFF list to yeah, it is SAFF related!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sold my shawl right off my back....

Yep, sitting in an infectious skin disease session of the conference and a lady asked about my shawl.  She wanted to know if I knit for people, I said usually not....people don't want to pay for my time let alone the yarn.  Anyway she asked how much would I charge for the one I was wearing, I threw out a number, she bought it....right off my back!  I was thrilled...more money for SAFF next week!

While at the conference I worked on some fingerless mitts... theSoaring Hearts Mitts is a great pattern, but I screwed it up :(  I knitted 2 right mitts....yes, 2 right mitts, like a fool!!!!
I now have to track down the yarn, so I can make 2 left mitts.  I feel so foolish!

 I did come home to a package, fun!  I bought a Namaste bag with circular needle holder and buddy case from Ravelry and I am in LOVE with them!  Now, I need to fill them up with yummy projects :)
But better than all of these things...I came home from my conference to my babies!!  Puppy hugs and kisses are the best!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I head to a conference tomorrow, bleh.  Don't get me wrong, it will be beneficial for me, but I am a home body and dread leaving my babies :( 

His Majesty doesn't take care of them the way I do.  I fear I will return home after 3 days away to find an overrun and very stinky litter boxes, sink full of dishes, trashcan full of pizza boxes and empty chip bags, socks strewn (some chewed, some missing) throughout the house, empty water bowls, and hairball tumbleweeds wafting across the floor.....uhhhhhh can you tell I've been there?

I just finished packing, but more importantly I finished picking my knitting projects.  I know it will be a short trip, but you never know what you may run I'm taking a scrappy yarn scarf (just a linen stitch scarf), a pair of fingerless mitts, and a beret :)  and a big coffee mug!

I will miss my babies :(  keep your fingers crossed that their daddy lets them on the bed so they don't feel sad.

Oh yeah, I tortured myself by googling yarn stores where I am going and there are 2 BIG ones that I will not get to visit...boohoo! 

Sunday, October 09, 2011


It is fall here in our little area and I love it, but miss my sunny 85 degree days.  Fall does mean hat weather for me, so more going into my project favorites and one out for a Christmas present :)
Here is my mom's Christmas hat, which is the Tarris Heeter hat from Ravelry.  Where else would it come from?  :)  This was from some of my handspun that I overdyed with red Kool-aid.  I am happy with the end results and it is blocking on a plate right now.

I finished 2 more pairs of the 75 yard fingerless-mitts, both from pink scrap yarn in the stash...

 This is a great, fast project!!  It has become my go-to fingerless mitt pattern.  If you need a quick knit gift and have 75 yards, this is your pattern.
I still have more pink left, 113 yards to be exact....and I am going to go with a different mitt...thinking a little cable action.  I also want to try something else with the other cake of handspun I have more Ravelry surfing will be happening for tonight!
And because I had a project bag full of little scrap yarn balls that I could not part with I cast on a linen stitch scrappy scarf....but I am going from side to side, because I do not have the patience to knit this puppy lengthwise!