Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm going to SAFF!

Tomorrow I will be hopping in the car and heading to SAFF for the most loved weekend :)  I love SAFF, I love the people, the classes, the vendors, the animals...every inch of SAFF.  Three days of happiness for those that get to enjoy SAFF.  You should go too!  Find me, say hello, I will be the girl (in pigtails) fondling the roving with a huge smile.

Not SAFF related, but I found this great book at my local Ollie's store yesterday afternoon and I love it.  $2.99, such a deal.
Elegant Scarves and Wraps has 25 beautiful designs and I am adding a few "necessities" from the book to my SAFF list to yeah, it is SAFF related!

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