Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blue nails and pink fiber....

 Just a few things happening in my little world.....1st bobbin of my pink and purple fiber (punta) that I am working on.  The 2nd bobbin is almost done and fingers crossed it is plyed by tomorrow.  Blue sparkly nails and wack-a-doo, flyaway hair were from a bellydance appearance the troupe did today.

 Now, I love these guys.  I know his name is Domo, I think.... I love him, because he is cute and makes me smile.  I became obsessed with this little guy last year when I got him out of a 50cent machine.  You know those machines, at the front of stores, your kids hound you for money to buy the toys.
I have been collecting him. His Majesty has been getting them for me too!
I thought they would make perfect stitch markers.
Gangsta stitch markers!!

  These wee ones are just waiting to be converted....fierce.

 The poopies went on a car ride a few weeks ago.

I love the poppies so much!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just another day, after a birthday....

Yesterday was my birthday.  His Majesty bought me a skein of Malabrigo.  I think it will become a 198 yards of Heaven shawl.
I really wanted a skein of watermelon colored sock yarn, but he liked this one...he picked it out.  I still want the sock yarn, I won't lie about it...I want it.

 I started a Handspun delight shawlette this week in some handspun I recently finished.  I am not very far along, but enjoying the pattern.  The colorway of the braid was Peacock and the colors are very pretty. 
My birthday yarn was purchased in Black Mountain at Black Mountain Yarn Shop, a lovely little yarn store.  We took the poopies with us for a change of pace and because they love a road trip.  On the way home they slept....Ava still using Finley as a pillow.  :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2 more off the list....

The Vermillion shawl....she is done

4 lace repeats with some handspun and a Mother's Day gift off the list

and a zombie ready for a a fellow zombie lover :)

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Just pictures, because I am too lazy for words....

itty bitty sweater

pilget washcloth x 2

primavera socks

mint green nails
peacock silver roving preply

peacock post ply = kinky mess
peace waschcloth

hippity hoppity bunny washcloth

vermillion shawl x 4 repeats

punta hot pink for April

future shawl for mom

future shawl for me

just gorgeous