Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blue nails and pink fiber....

 Just a few things happening in my little world.....1st bobbin of my pink and purple fiber (punta) that I am working on.  The 2nd bobbin is almost done and fingers crossed it is plyed by tomorrow.  Blue sparkly nails and wack-a-doo, flyaway hair were from a bellydance appearance the troupe did today.

 Now, I love these guys.  I know his name is Domo, I think.... I love him, because he is cute and makes me smile.  I became obsessed with this little guy last year when I got him out of a 50cent machine.  You know those machines, at the front of stores, your kids hound you for money to buy the toys.
I have been collecting him. His Majesty has been getting them for me too!
I thought they would make perfect stitch markers.
Gangsta stitch markers!!

  These wee ones are just waiting to be converted....fierce.

 The poopies went on a car ride a few weeks ago.

I love the poppies so much!

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