Sunday, April 30, 2006

My name is Jennifer....and I am addicted to Easter egg dye

Yes, I confess, I have an addiction to egg dye. I just returned from Michael's with 30 more boxes of egg dye....and had to make myself walk away from getting more. I couldn't stop myself, it is so tempting. To know that more 12cent boxes of lonely dye are just sitting in the basket, needing to go home with me to be productive...oh it brings tears to my eyes.

Note the beautiful 2 pound ball of white corri that I received in yesterday's mail! This will be the owner of some of that dye :) Goodie, goodie! I am planning on handpainting the majority and all excited about what comes out! If only me and Satan' Spawn were friends...oh I long for that day.

Anyhoo, I should be working right now instead of typing. But to be honest, it is cold and windy here today. And that has made me sleepy and lazy. I did clean like a mad woman earlier, went to walmart for some groceries (had to have ice cream!), and then by BackYardBurger for a blackened chicken sandwich. Now I am back home, realizing all of the things I forgot to pick up while out and debating if I should go back out or just wait and run errands after work tomorrow. Remember-I get my fleece tomorrow!!!!!

Well, I do know I am making a cream cheese pound cake tonight, just because I want to ! And because I have some cream cheese about to expire! So, off to be productive!

Friday, April 28, 2006

The fleece gods have blessed lil ole me...

I was happily minding my own business at work today. Hanging with my peeps (K-5th graders) when the secretary gives me a shout and says her husband needs to talk to me. ????? So, I pop into her office, she gets him on the phones and he begins to explain to me that his sister lives in Virginia and has ears perk up....and she is having them sheared tomorrow....very intrigued at this point....and he thought of me and would I want to buy a fleece from her black sheep???? WEll, of course!!!!! He told me she would sell it to me for the price of the shearer. Are you as shocked as me ????!! I'm loving it, but it gets better. He calls me a little later and tells me that she has a clean fleece in the barn from last year that she will sell for the mere price of $4.00! I said YES!!

So, on Monday I will be the proud owner of 2 fleece. You should see me dancing now!!! I'm loving it. Of course, the wheel is still a b*$#)!!!! And I am having trouble, but I may just bite the bullet and buy the Lendrum that I wanted in the beginning. Take that you evil wheel! I may be stepping out on you!

So, I am happy and excited and will be all giddy Monday!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Look...I have knit a cable....oh my gosh!!!

Well, I found this adorable cable knitted purse pattern on another blog, and if I knew how to link you I would. So, I will post pattern when's that? Anyway, I began with some of my recycled yarn that I koolaid dyed and I'm starting to see my cable. AHHHHH! I have never used a cable needle or made a cable and I have impressed myself!! Not that it is sooo difficult, but I easily scare :) So, I am happily knitting this at night, after chores...

I also went to Target and bought every box of easter egg dye they had left! Not many, but I have added it to my collection and will continue to look for deep discounts to use when my roving arrives...someday. Still quite impatient and anxious!

I just got home from work, made a killer chicken and veggie chowder and slipped on my walking shoes to hit the road...I walk onto the porch, insert earphones....rain begins. *&%$#)**!!!! What is up with that? Why wait until I get home. Now I will be forced to stay inside and eat ice cream! Folks, let's take a look out the window and see if there has been reprieve. Nope still rain. Go get the spoon and bowl! Even Truman has been looking out the window wondering where the sun went!

I have given up on the feather and fan wrap for now. IT was ticking me off. Speaking of tick off. The Spawn of Satan was in rare form last night. I give up, yes I said it. I went to ply 2 skeins I had beaten out of her and she went nuts! No matter how I changed tension, held my mouth, crossed fingers, oiled bearings, and begged, she would not spin!!!! It was a MESS! Words cannot describe the carnage of my skeins. I just threw everything down and went to bed. Maybe...nah, not tonight

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Don't you love a good book?

I just happened to be on a search for a sock book at my local ACMoore, when I ran across the book Wrap Style. Now, I had been eyeballing this book in catalogs, but just never brought myself to buy it, but it just so happened the sock book I wanted was not there and I did have a 50% off coupon (oh yes!) I bought Wrap Style instead....and love it!!!! It is full of gorgeous wraps, all different styles and levels and I can't wait to try something. Love it!!

I also stumbled across this other book, 1000 Sweaters at the library. I have found some really cute patterns in here and I am thinking about tracking this book down for my own. I am getting greedy! When will I have the time??????

Oh yes, I also purchased 2 pounds of a beautiful corriedale roving on ebay!!! Yes, see my stash of kool-aid and easter egg dye? That's what I will be using to make beautiful colors!!! I will be spinning away on the Spawn of Satan. I found a great deal and snapped it up, now patiently awaiting it's arrival. Okay, not so patient! I am ready to dye, create, spin, be a mad scientist with the dye!!! I can see my pot boiling now...well, not really boiling...
The guild meeting is Sunday and I am so happy to go again. Unfortunately, I will miss the handwork meeting on Saturday, since I have to work my part time gig. Rats! Need to fund the roving stash...

The cats are very inquisitive this evening and trying to climb all over everything I touch. Corbin is trying to climb into the laptop bag, on the table! For some reason, he feels it is his duty to inspect and sleep in every purse, tote, bag, satchel, duffle, get the idea.

Okay, I need to get busy on some projects! I have jabbered for way to long. I have patterns to go gaa-gaa over! (it seems that the photo blogger is not wanting to cooperate too well this evening, hope it snaps out of it)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

BAck to work, but I want to play...

I went back to work today, after a 4 day weekend and it was rough! I wanted to stay home and play in my yarn, make pretty things, dye some wool, spin a hairball...lots to do. But, no - I had to go make a living to somewhat support my yarn addiction. It is spring break in my neck of the woods, thus schools are closed. However, being a Public Health Nurse...I had to work :(

Tomorrow is pizza day at work, whoohoo! Guess that means I will have a free pizza lunch, but I would trade it for spinning at home! Yes, I would! I do need to plant my tomato plants, bell pepper, and cilantro. I am searching for spinach and hopefully will find it tomorrow when I go to buy potting soil. My plans are to make container salad gardens. Great idea right? We shall see if this goes well or is a complete disaster, which finds me back at the farmer's market. Okay, I will be there regardless, but I can talk big!

Well, American Idol is plugging along and that means House is next. Yes, I am a slave to these 2 shows. But don't despair! I have my knitting right here and a cup of ice cream to help :) Though, bad thoughts have been in my mind regarding this yarn I am working with. The shawl is slow going and I'm wanting something a little more jazzy. I have been thinking about ripping it out and knitting a different pattern. However, I can't find one!!!! So, I will try again. Help me!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

I treated myself to a little bit of yarn!!! Yes, Happy Bday to myself. Seems DH thought I would like cup holders for my car for my birthday!! What???? He says they are much better than the ones in my car and I should love them. What????? I'm sorry, but that is not a good present. So, I went and bought myself some yarn! I love it, bought a bunch. I know I should feel bad about spending all of that money, but it was a celebration and I got wound up and couldn't stop. But really you should see what all I put back!!! Honest, I put back A LOT of yarn! You know how it is, you've been in that position. It's like the police saying "step away from the yarn." (I probably should have taken a pic with them out of the bags, sorry) And I bought some roving on ebay :) and some easter egg dye to color it with :) and...

Anyway, I bought 2 packs to make a shawl, one pack just because and then the rainbow skein (absolutely gorgeous and so vivid in person) for a simple spring scarf. Yes, mundane but it will be gorgeous!

I have made very little progress on my feather and fan shawl from my Fiber Fest ball. It is slow going. We had to go out of town this weekend and I took it to knit on the trip. However, I suffer from this little thing called motion sickness! It is so bad!!!! I get 5 miles down the road and the nausea begins! Every time!!!!!!!!!!! But I always have hope that there will be a trip that I don't get sick, but not yet.

I did find a little bakery called CUPCAKES that I ran into and got a mocha chocolate cupcake. Oh my gosh!! It was heavenly!! I don't know about you, but I have a love for cupcakes. Well, cupcakes, cake, cookies, brownies....all of them. It is right below knitting and Patrick Dempsey :) I want to make some right now, but I am feeling a little fat right now and can't bring myself to bake. I hate those days!!!! Just spoils all of my fun.

Now, me and the Spawn of Satan are at it again! Just when we get along for a couple of days, she decides to be a b(&^% and corkscrew all of my roving. I threatened her with the fireplace, and then walked away. WE will see what happens tonight . By the way, that's Truman wanting a treat in the top right corner. Isn't he handsome??????

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


THANKS to Laura for some sock advice. I appreciate that! I have seen the socks on circular needles book in the KnitPicks catalog, which came again today! I love getting knitting catalogs. I get all warm and fuzzy when I see them. Of course, I then earmark the pages, make a wish list, configure prices of what I want and what I have :) and then try and talk myself into being realistic and buying what I need. HAH! The need and want lists are so very far apart!

Anyway, I have been checking into the Addi's in sock sizes on ebay, since there are NO yarn stores with addis in my area. I have bought the addis I currently use online and will continue to do...until a yarn store magically appears in my area.

So, I think I will actually buy what I WANT from the catalog tonight, since it is my birthday today. (horns, fireworks, celebration in the background) And since I have not received any presents from my cats or DH...what's up with that?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Knitting socks on circulars!!!>????

Well, I have had a crazy week at a conference and then back to home and a birthday party. It was mine. I will be 36 on Tuesday, eek!!!! I"m a little sad about it, but trying to smile. Thinking maybe I will get some yarn for my bday, a girl can dream. I did get a beautiful cake plate from my mom. Meaning, I need to bake a cake.

Well does anyone know anything about knitting socks on circulars? I have been hearing about it and did find one article on a web search, but want opinions. This is something I think I can handle, but not sure.

I am trudging along with my fan and feather wrap, though it is slow going!!!! I would show you a picture, but the camera has disappeared once again. I think the cats are taking it for their own blogsite. You do know they are smart and creative!!! And very lazy. I have one in the cat window seat, one on the cat bed, and 2 on the people bed.

Okay, back to the camera search, confidence talk on socks, finding some ice cream, working in a walk/jog, packing my supplies for work tomorrow, starting a scrapbook for a lady I used to work with (need the cash)....oh yeah and registering for school. AAAAAHHHHHH.......

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm at the me!

No pics, no excitement. Just me at a conference wanting to go home. I miss my cats and my bed and want to go home. I don't do well at conferences, especially without a car. It kind of makes you stuck.

I had a turkey sandwich that was $9.68!!!! That was just the sandwich, no drink. A tea was going to add $2.00 to it!!! OUtrageous. I am allowed $7.00 for breakfast and there isn't anything on the menu under 8.00! I am in trouble here !!!!

Oh well, I did see a treadmill, so I think I will go and use it for now and then knit a little. I did bring some knitting, I am not completely crazy ;)

Guess I will sleep without cats tonight....don't know if I can do that. I will try...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lazy day around here for good reason...

I am sick! That's a good enough reason to be lazy. I started the stomach bug fluid loss :) escapade last night and it continued ALL night. I am puny today. At least I have gone a few hours without an "incident", though my toast is not holding well in the belly right now. Anyway, Truman and Ainsley are as close to Sibby Dog as they will ever be, and enjoying the beautitul day while I recuperate in the bed! Of course nothing is good on TV right now.

Well, the bright side of feeling like a mudflap is I can sit in bed and knit. Now that is a bright lining. I did dye some wool last weekend and have begun to wind it into balls. I actually have a skein I spun in the microwave right now, soaking up the KoolAid ;) The skein isn't that pretty, but it will do for now. I did make the wheel changes that the guild suggested and had hight hopes...I said a prayer, lit a candle, crossed my fingers and did a test spin. It didn't work. Actually, it was worse! Bring on the tears. I did cry with frustration. What to do??????

Here is the major problem now. When (I do mean when) the flywheel does rotate and the roving actually gets a twist in it and it is taken into the orifice to wind onto the overtwists and knots/kinks up on the outside of the orifice. NOw, I was told that meant too much tension. So, I started with slack on the tension band and the brake band and worked my way up, as I was instructed to do. Nope, nada, still didn't work. It still overkinks and won't go onto the bobbin. I am ready to make this Cherub wheel into firewood!!!

Okay, maybe it is the dehydration and splitting headache making me talk crazy. I should have a coke and calm down. I can't be so rash about the Spawn of Satan right now...but she is evil