Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lazy day around here for good reason...

I am sick! That's a good enough reason to be lazy. I started the stomach bug fluid loss :) escapade last night and it continued ALL night. I am puny today. At least I have gone a few hours without an "incident", though my toast is not holding well in the belly right now. Anyway, Truman and Ainsley are as close to Sibby Dog as they will ever be, and enjoying the beautitul day while I recuperate in the bed! Of course nothing is good on TV right now.

Well, the bright side of feeling like a mudflap is I can sit in bed and knit. Now that is a bright lining. I did dye some wool last weekend and have begun to wind it into balls. I actually have a skein I spun in the microwave right now, soaking up the KoolAid ;) The skein isn't that pretty, but it will do for now. I did make the wheel changes that the guild suggested and had hight hopes...I said a prayer, lit a candle, crossed my fingers and did a test spin. It didn't work. Actually, it was worse! Bring on the tears. I did cry with frustration. What to do??????

Here is the major problem now. When (I do mean when) the flywheel does rotate and the roving actually gets a twist in it and it is taken into the orifice to wind onto the overtwists and knots/kinks up on the outside of the orifice. NOw, I was told that meant too much tension. So, I started with slack on the tension band and the brake band and worked my way up, as I was instructed to do. Nope, nada, still didn't work. It still overkinks and won't go onto the bobbin. I am ready to make this Cherub wheel into firewood!!!

Okay, maybe it is the dehydration and splitting headache making me talk crazy. I should have a coke and calm down. I can't be so rash about the Spawn of Satan right now...but she is evil

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