Tuesday, April 18, 2006

BAck to work, but I want to play...

I went back to work today, after a 4 day weekend and it was rough! I wanted to stay home and play in my yarn, make pretty things, dye some wool, spin a hairball...lots to do. But, no - I had to go make a living to somewhat support my yarn addiction. It is spring break in my neck of the woods, thus schools are closed. However, being a Public Health Nurse...I had to work :(

Tomorrow is pizza day at work, whoohoo! Guess that means I will have a free pizza lunch, but I would trade it for spinning at home! Yes, I would! I do need to plant my tomato plants, bell pepper, and cilantro. I am searching for spinach and hopefully will find it tomorrow when I go to buy potting soil. My plans are to make container salad gardens. Great idea right? We shall see if this goes well or is a complete disaster, which finds me back at the farmer's market. Okay, I will be there regardless, but I can talk big!

Well, American Idol is plugging along and that means House is next. Yes, I am a slave to these 2 shows. But don't despair! I have my knitting right here and a cup of ice cream to help :) Though, bad thoughts have been in my mind regarding this yarn I am working with. The shawl is slow going and I'm wanting something a little more jazzy. I have been thinking about ripping it out and knitting a different pattern. However, I can't find one!!!! So, I will try again. Help me!!

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