Tuesday, April 11, 2006


THANKS to Laura for some sock advice. I appreciate that! I have seen the socks on circular needles book in the KnitPicks catalog, which came again today! I love getting knitting catalogs. I get all warm and fuzzy when I see them. Of course, I then earmark the pages, make a wish list, configure prices of what I want and what I have :) and then try and talk myself into being realistic and buying what I need. HAH! The need and want lists are so very far apart!

Anyway, I have been checking into the Addi's in sock sizes on ebay, since there are NO yarn stores with addis in my area. I have bought the addis I currently use online and will continue to do...until a yarn store magically appears in my area.

So, I think I will actually buy what I WANT from the catalog tonight, since it is my birthday today. (horns, fireworks, celebration in the background) And since I have not received any presents from my cats or DH...what's up with that?

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