Monday, August 29, 2011

What my dash looked like...

The tires leading up to the dumpsters.  Yep had to hoist myself into and out of 2 dumpsters and through 3 sets of tires.
 I think we had 13 obstacles and sadly didn't get pics of each one, but HM did snap a few as I went through them.

My attempt to climb and then I don't see that one.  I came right back down!

ok, the other tall climber that I freaked out over once I got to the top.  I saw myself falling through the wide slats on top and climbed right back down!  (shorts are wet from the swamp)

fire pit, jumped over 2 of them, they were hot!

And me after the finish line and the "hosing" to try and get the mud off of me.  It didn't really work, but it felt good to get a little cleaner.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I did the Warrior Dash!

pre Dash....clean
post Dash...after being hosed off
We did the 5k Warrior Dash this weekend and I must say it was a blast and very hard for me.  I wish I could show you just how muddy I was, but we didn't get a picture of that.  I had mud in my ears, nose, inside of my clothes.....I was covered.  I threw the clothes away :)
I recommend signing up if one comes near you.  You will get a killer viking hat!! 
I will warn you, if you have a fear of heights (like me) there are several obstacles that are HIGH!  I couldn't do 2 of them, for fear of falling to my death.  But that is okay, I'm still proud of myself for participating.

And knitting has been taking place, just no pictures :(

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I think I love blue!

Looking at my finished projects, I discovered I love blue.  This hat included :)
This is my Shroom hat by Lee Juvan.  Very nice knit and quick with the bulky yarn.

I like a looser hat, more beret style than this, so next time I will knit more repeats.  I think I will give this as a gift and use my leftover yarn for another.
I'm also getting ready to cast on Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, though I should really go work on socks....oh dreaded socks that are taunting me from the project bag.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

She lives and knits :)

I have been trying to knit a little on each project every day.  Great plan, doesn't always work, but good intentions...I'm trying!!!!

I did finish up my little Lace baby Beanie, just in time for shower giving this week.  Very sweet hat, little smaller than I thought.  I hope it fits this wee one due October 12th.  I'm sure the baby's head will be larger than sock monkey :)

 I also finished the Arrow hat and love it.  Yes, I did mess up and it is obvious, don't you see it?????

I somehow switched my wrong and right sides and ended up with a major ridge along the top.  Once I saw it I almost cried :(  but I was too lazy and tired to rip it it is there!
I guess my hat sadness showed, so His Majesty helped me with a lazy kate.  We were in the home improvement store and I started playing around with the PVC pipe.  I explained what I was thinking and we came home with $6.00 worth of pipe and a lazy kate was born!

It has 45 degree angles built in and I can always add more bobbin holders if I decide  to live on the edge and 3-ply someday.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

No knitting to update so....

 My knitting progress on my Arrow hat is coming along, but nothing to brag about and haven't any progress on my other projects. 
So, I thought I would share some precious pictures of my big babies Ava and Finley.

Every morning Finley washes Ava's face for her and I think it is so stinking cute :)
She expects him to wash her face and that makes it even funnier.  She is spoiled!