Friday, January 30, 2009

Leave my peanut butter alone!

I love peanut butter, love it! I eat it everyday, several times a day. I am so sad about the salmonella outbreaks from contaminated peanut butter. Please don't shy away from safe PB, don't turn your back on it! I eat Naturally More (with flaxseeds) and it is give it a try.

It is awesome on toast with honey and cinnamon, yummy in ice cream, scrumptious in oatmeal, and of course the bomb with jelly (strawberry please). Just ate some a few minutes ago....go get yours!
Now, camera battery issue is still going wrong and hopefully to be fixed tomorrow after gym run and errands are complete. Here is a quick pic of the lovely fabrics I purchased last week. I am in the process of cutting out my patterns for scrub tops....actually already have one complete. Yea me!!! The cupcake pattern is next on the chopping block and that will begin in the morning.
Sttttiiiiiillllllll working on my first sweater and eyeballing my sock stash. I will soon be taking a class to refresh my sock skills. Yes, added to the ever growing list!
PLUS have caught the Facebook bug. Oh my goodness what an addiction!! Why didn't you tell me about this! I think I need an intervention and I haven't been on a week yet. Well, guess I will go check my facebook page now....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

So much to do and sitting here....

I have so many things I could be doing productively, but in class reviewing databases. Keep your fingers crossed that we get to leave early!!!! Early enough I can hit Wendy's drive thru and get a chili and potato, rather than eat my leftovers.

Battery eating camera has killed another set of new batteries, so picture taking is nil. Any recommendations on batteries? Have tried many brands, no luck!

Have to take notes now, so no chitty-chat from me....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cake kit giveaway....

I am all about cake! I was reading my favorite blogs and ran across this giveaway! What a wonderful prize for any cake lover.....go and see what All About Cakes has to offer and is about. You will be impressed, I was! I love inspiration and she has it!

I am digging the coca cola cake! Need to add tha tto my list :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In classsssss

well started back to school last week and it has taken over my life once again. I am in class right now, shhhhhhh, supposed to be listening to lecture. I am disliking class very much! LOVE my instructor, an awesome lady, but not jiving with the course study at this time. Maybe it is really the idea of sitting in a class once again from 3pm to 10pm every Thursday night. That's what I don't like :(

Oh well, I have to do this and will put on my big girl panties and buck up and keep going. I do have some gorgeous fabric to show....bought this past weekend and can't wait to start sewing with it....beautiful!!! Also, still plugging away on my knit project of the decade (so it seems) of my 1st sweater.

Have a wonderful night...I will go back to being a good student!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Popping in

Just wanted to pop in with a blankie pic that I did get finished and started another project with a burp cloth, but need to finish the matching blanket to that one.... everyone seems to be pregnant around me! I made this for a coworker expecting a boy. It is so soft! Flannel squares and a minky backing. I hope she loves it!

I made a little burp cloth for another coworker, lacking the blanket at this moment. I have to get that started!

Still working on conquering the sewing room, remove a pile and replace with another :) That is my pace right now. I did make a batch of double chocolate brownies, which will go to work tomorrow. And finishing up a batch of chocolate fudge cookies right now. Just in a baking mood today!

The cats have been in a curious mood today and have been underfoot, in cabinets and boxes. Corbin loves to cram his big body into the smallest boxes, so I made him a pirate ship out of a shoebox that he will not let me throw away! He loves to sleep in this box. He is the captain of the cat seas today!!!
(See the yellow dome in the background? That is his tent! He and Stinky Jones fight over who gets to sleep in the tent. It is hilarious.....I love my babies!)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Lee jeans...go to this site!

Domestic Chicky is giving away 10 pairs of Lee jeans! Go to her link and check out her site (I love it) and enter for a chance to win a pair of these Lee jeans. I have seen the ads, but haven't found a pair yet! I will have to keep looking this weekend for a pair that fits!

Jeans are so hard to find that fit well and I think these might work for me! Check them out....

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A few sewing projects completed...

I decided to try my hand at appliqueing sweatshirts for my niece Caroline and myself. I am an ASU (Appalachian State University) student and she likes ASU and WCU, so there were 2 schools to try out.

Once reason I was trying is because I am cheap :) I just can't justify paying $50.00 for a sweatshirt with letters sewn on! Crazy!!! Well the pics do not do them justice. They really are cute. Here are 3 of them, I also did a couple of ASU tees. Caroline loved hers and I will be sending the WCU shirt her way tomorrow.

Then I found a new scrub top pattern that I decided to give a try with some inexpensive material I found at WalMart, yes I have one WM that still has material! (I found a cool aqua and brown paisley with coordinating brown and aqua dots, brown and pink dots with coordinating brown and pink flowers, and then a cool black and pale aqua flowery print) I loved it so much I made 2 more from the pattern and then had to whip up a traditional scrub top and jacket in a lovely black and pink skull motif! I love my skulls!!!

His Majesty asked why they looked so big, I told him that is the way scrub tops look; big and boxy. The beauty of this pattern is it has a wide tie in the back that allows you to cinch it in more and makes a nicer, more flattering fit! Love it!!! I have one closet with nothing but scrubs! Since I wear them almost everyday I can say that is ok :) plus I make them, so not a lot of money wasted!

Anyhoo, today I am working on a diaper changing pad to match a burp cloth I finished. A co-worker is due the first of Feb and I have to get cracking! She is having a girl :) I love to do girl things! Have a great day!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

So, I did do a few things this holiday...

One more day and back to work :( I was trying frantically to clean today and get more organized before having to actually work for a living again and decided to tackle the "sewing room." This is a newly acquired room for me! His Majesty decided to hardwood the 2 spare rooms over the break and designated his old computer room as my room, since the den (part of the new addition to the house) has been deemed his "man cave" and I am not allowed to use that room. Yeah, I know we have a very weird relationship!

So over the past couple of days we have piled my sewing, scrapbooking, spinning, etc materials in piles into the room and I have been trying to sort the mess and slowly you can see the floor. It is far from being put together, but will be within the month. I also have the treadmill and yoga ball in there...adding to the clutter, but it is my space....for now. Yeah, he can always take it back from me :(

My kitchen island is now in my room and packed with scrapbooking necessities and fabric blocks. It is also covered with stuff that needs to find a home! Oh yeah, he thought I should get rid of it! It is gorgeous, solid wood and wonderfully handy. No way dude, it stays :)

And the sewing armoire is loaded down with ribbons, threads and more baskets of fabric on top! And of course my sewing machine....and my old one (from 1988!) that I use to sew paper.

Now one of the best parts is my new serger. AAAHHHHHHH, I broke down and bought one the first of December and have been intimidated by it, but slowly getting used to it and love it! I bought the Bernina 700DL adn have been very pleased. I will have to show you what I made with it over the break :)
See, I have been busy! And when I went to take pics of the sewing projects I surprised myself, but that will come time for sleep! I have to get up in the morning and tackle the day!

Friday, January 02, 2009

What happened here today....

well I did get up and go workout, yea for me! Then came home to a mess...usual house mess but His Majesty was cleaning out the garage, which meant throwing away my stuff. Yes, he throws my stuff away. So, had to jump in and salvage what I could before all was lost at the landfill of wifely belongings. Some of us napped most of the day while I shuffled and sorted.
I went through bags of fleece, unwashed raw fleece! I sorted through scrapbooking supply boxes and bins of fabric. Went through my gift closet and tried to organize, but in the end made a bigger mess! My goal Saturday is to finish that chaos and work on my sweater, maybe cut a few quilt squares....I don't know, maybe that is to big of a task :)
Definitely will take pictures for inspiration of future projects. And try to superglue down the rest of MY STUFF before HM gets rid of everything I own! Deep down I think he is trying to get rid of me, but just won't admit it!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Start the new year right....

I have so many plans for this year and for today, but of course didn't get any of them started! I bought bags of goodies at the Southeastern Fiber Festival this October, with every intention of doing them before now. I didn' shameful and embarrassing. So, I will start them this year.

I took a picture when I first got there and that was the only picture, for my camera then died! Luckily it is now back working and I can take a few pics of what I bought :) I wanted to start a nuno felted scarf this week, but didn't :( I didn't get anything I wanted to do done, because of someone been there? You make plans and he makes other plans for you???? Well that is what happened to me over the past 2 weeks of my holiday vacation! I am trying not to be mad about it....trying!

I did get the Christmas tree down, which ended in a big blowout on his part. He told me to get out of the room, so I did. I was trying to do two other tasks and he added that one to the pile, can't do all at the same time, but stopped the other 2 to get down the tree....anyway, he is playing online with his friends and I am debating going out for ice cream :) Always makes me feel better! Hahahaha, drown it in ice cream!

Tomorrow is a new day and I will start it off with a workout and then a little retail therapy for a shawl. (It's on clearance so I am justifying the purchase as a savings!)

And here is the last cake I did for the year. Turned out well I thought! Buttercream icing with fondant circles. Makes me want some cake! I do plan on making the Guinness Chocolate Cake I found ages ago on Cookie Madness. Guess I will add that to the list that just keeps growing....