Sunday, January 04, 2009

A few sewing projects completed...

I decided to try my hand at appliqueing sweatshirts for my niece Caroline and myself. I am an ASU (Appalachian State University) student and she likes ASU and WCU, so there were 2 schools to try out.

Once reason I was trying is because I am cheap :) I just can't justify paying $50.00 for a sweatshirt with letters sewn on! Crazy!!! Well the pics do not do them justice. They really are cute. Here are 3 of them, I also did a couple of ASU tees. Caroline loved hers and I will be sending the WCU shirt her way tomorrow.

Then I found a new scrub top pattern that I decided to give a try with some inexpensive material I found at WalMart, yes I have one WM that still has material! (I found a cool aqua and brown paisley with coordinating brown and aqua dots, brown and pink dots with coordinating brown and pink flowers, and then a cool black and pale aqua flowery print) I loved it so much I made 2 more from the pattern and then had to whip up a traditional scrub top and jacket in a lovely black and pink skull motif! I love my skulls!!!

His Majesty asked why they looked so big, I told him that is the way scrub tops look; big and boxy. The beauty of this pattern is it has a wide tie in the back that allows you to cinch it in more and makes a nicer, more flattering fit! Love it!!! I have one closet with nothing but scrubs! Since I wear them almost everyday I can say that is ok :) plus I make them, so not a lot of money wasted!

Anyhoo, today I am working on a diaper changing pad to match a burp cloth I finished. A co-worker is due the first of Feb and I have to get cracking! She is having a girl :) I love to do girl things! Have a great day!

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Susan said...

Love the sewing projects! Saw on Domestic Chicky's blog that you wanted more reader's so I came this way.

Nice to 'meet' you!