Friday, January 02, 2009

What happened here today....

well I did get up and go workout, yea for me! Then came home to a mess...usual house mess but His Majesty was cleaning out the garage, which meant throwing away my stuff. Yes, he throws my stuff away. So, had to jump in and salvage what I could before all was lost at the landfill of wifely belongings. Some of us napped most of the day while I shuffled and sorted.
I went through bags of fleece, unwashed raw fleece! I sorted through scrapbooking supply boxes and bins of fabric. Went through my gift closet and tried to organize, but in the end made a bigger mess! My goal Saturday is to finish that chaos and work on my sweater, maybe cut a few quilt squares....I don't know, maybe that is to big of a task :)
Definitely will take pictures for inspiration of future projects. And try to superglue down the rest of MY STUFF before HM gets rid of everything I own! Deep down I think he is trying to get rid of me, but just won't admit it!!!

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