Sunday, February 26, 2006

Roving that is just as pretty in a ball...

Here you go - the roving I purchased from the sheep shearing...isn't it pretty? It reminds me of the buns on Princess Lea (Star Wars for those living in a cave). I have yet to do a thing with them! Not unusual, I have a big box of roving waiting to be spun. I just don't have enough hours in the day, because this thing called a job is weighing me down! Also, a thing called mortgage, car payment, retirement, health insurance...get the picture? Oh, you are in the same boat too.

Well, I still think the roving is beautiful and it is labeled "toffee", now that is precious! Speaking of toffee, I am baking "gooey bars" right now and they smell very tasty! They were definitely gooey when I was trying to spread them in the pan. Just means they will be extra good :) But chocolate, coconut and brown sugar are always good!

WEll, tomorrow is Monday and I have to prepare to head back to work :( I am feeling a little more energetic today, so maybe I will be up for exercise tomorrow. Hope so! I plan on eating a pan of gooey bars :)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Does the ick ever go away?

Okay, I feel like I am on death's door, or at least in his driveway. I have been fighting this evil ick for over a week and still do not feel any better. I have no voice and no energy and the antibiotic is taking it's toll....whine, whine, whine...

So, you can imagine I have not been able to do much knitting. I have had sporadic moments working with the totebag and I actually have made some progress, guess that's a bright spot. I haven't spun :( and I haven't begun the flip flop socks :( but I have thought about them.

Maybe I will have a boost of wonderful energy tomorrow and be able to work like a maniac! I think some hot chocolate and a cookie might be the thing to turn this sick boat around.

BUT before I go, I must tell you my tale of the vacuum. My vacuum died a loud, smelly, dusty death. So, I decided to get a new big deal. But no!!!!!!! DH had to get involved and wanted to know the specs on the new vacuum to be purchase. I told him my specs involved very little money. He then researches vacuums...yes online research, consumer reports, comparisons, involvement of testing groups, etc. and makes a decision. He then proceeds to explain to me with charts, graphs, sample photos, excel spreadsheets :), etc...the type of vacuum that will be purchased ( and the bank loan it will take to purchase it ) Now, the thing that is odd here...he doesn't vacuum. He did all this research for a vacuum he will never use. He picked it because of the drive train, amps, accessories, inteli clean hepa filteration system....blahblahblah.
And he will never use it. I just wanted a vacuum that sucked up cat hair. Oh well, now I have a Cadillac vacuum. I just need a tiara to wear when I use it :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I may not be yarn...but I sure am handsome!

Yes, Corbin you are very handsome. I know this has nothing to do with yarn, spinning or knitting, but isn't he a cutey? All stretched out on the bed, sunning by the window. He likes to take up all of the space he can. Just makes me want to squeeze him and smother him with mommy love.

Did a little knitting during American Idol last night and it felt wonderful. Plan on doing it again tonight and maybe work with the evil spinning wheel. I need some tea before I can work up the courage to attack the wheel though, also some chocolate...

Oh yeah, was the tooth fairy today and that went over very well, with the exception of loosing my voice!!! But the kids didn't seem to mind and they listened and watched me teach proper tooth brushing. Now I have to work on my "hygiene talk" outfit :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can someone knit me a sweater?

Don't you know these poor little babies are cold? They are probably wondering why we can't knit them a sweater. Afterall, it is their fleece we are taking. I just had to show 2 more pics from the sheep shearing and then I will let it go, for a while :)

I am down for the count with this respiratory bug, it is killing me! But I must push on and be the tooth fairy the remainder of the week. I have kinder and 1st graders counting on me!!! I must say that my fairy skirt turned out very pretty. Makes me want to wear it around the house...dust in it or do something productive.

I need to sit down and knit. Me fingers are longing to work with needles and wool, but haven't had the chance. However, I have set aside time this evening while I watch American Idol :) (big grin) That is perfect knitting time. Don't you agree?

I also want something ooey and gooey to eat, but have nothing. I don't even have dishwashing or laundry detergent. No oatmeal, no cookies, no ice cream, very little munchies. I'm in need of a grocery store run!! I do have some hot chocolate (unless a mouse ran off with it) and a tiny piece of banana bread. Guess that will have to do.

Off the subject of knitting, cake and sheep...I have been surfing other blogs, which I love to do, and have run across several regarding a sewalong. What a great idea. So, I went a purchased a skirt pattern and will be adding this to my LONG list of things to do. Someday I will win the lottery and lock myself away in my beach front mansion and sew, knit, bake and play all day...

Monday, February 20, 2006

A sheep shearing we will go...

and love every minute! Mom and I (she's the one standing and freezing in front of the barn) went to a Sheep Shearing on Saturday. It was soooooooooo cold, and began to sleet and snow, and we had a wonderful time! It was a 2 hour drive, stopped for a cajun filet biscuit at Bojangle's (love that place) and kept going down long, winding country roads until we saw the sign...Sheep Shearing, yeah!
I have never taken so many pictures of sheep :) My mom said she had a whole roll too. But I only posted a few, so you would get the idea. They were so beautiful and so matted! Maybe that's not the right word, but I loved it. Can't say that enough. I did buy 3 balls of roving, which I need to show you tomorrow, have to brag on my a proud momma. If I had hand cards and time and knew what I was doing I would have bought a bag of fleece. I had my eye on a bag from "Ella", she was a fine looking sheep!
I absolutely loved the look of the Navajo Churro sheep (pictured above in the supine position) as they were brought in and sheared. And I learned they are good for outerwear or rugs only. Did you know that? I didn't. Also, saw a few angora goats that were cutiepies!
Anyway, if you have never been to a shearing you MUST GO! I found this one by chance while surfing. It was held at Rising Meadow Farm in Greensboro, NC and my toboggan is off to them for some fine looking sheep :) I want one...
Speaking of toboggans, saw some great ones on heads while there and it made me want to try to knit one again. This time I am going for a different pattern with a bulky yarn I recycled. That's what I have been doing lately, ripping apart sweaters AND working on a tooth fairy costume for teaching dental care. That's a whole other story...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Take that you sweater!!!!!

As you can see, I won the sweater match with the thrift store wool. I spent last night unraveling this black and white beast and I'm quite pleased with my loot. This was one of the easiest sweaters to unravel and produced a nice pile of yarn, which I have soaking in the tub as I type. Why does the wool get a bubble bath and I don't? I need to rethink this...

My mom gave me some beautiful wool sweaters to break down, but 2 of them :( are seamed, meaning they will unravel into short pieces. So, I am going to felt them and then cut them into bags. How does that sound? They are too great to get rid of and I can still create something fabulous :)

ONly 6 days until the Sheep Shearing in Greensboro, NC. Yes!!! Mom and I have been firming up out plans and loads of fun will be had by all.

I purchased a set of 3.5mm DPNS today to go along with my cutsie and cheap balls of yarn from Big Lots. These will be my first attempt at socks. I'm shaking!!! I don't know that I can accomplish socks, but I'm going to try. I'm also searching for a tank or vest to branch out...terrifying!!!!

Okay, I'm making some beef veggie soup and baking a banana bread for work. Just call me Susie Homemaker :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well lookee there....yarn, I think?

Tadaaaaaaa....I made yarn. Okay, here's the story. Me and the Spawn of Satan have been battling for a while now, not been pretty. I won't bore you with the old details of my spinning wheel. So, I have been spinning, changing tension, spinning, changing bands, spinning, using up a herd full of fleece, get the idea. She (spawn of satan) and I just haven't found our grove in the yarn making arena, but I have continued to work with her and finally spun a bobbin full. Now, does it look like wool? No, not really...more like a hairball. However, it is a skein of lovely gray wool. You just can't tell it from the picture. Ah, who am I kidding, you can't tell it when you have it in your face either. But if you squint, tilt your head to the left and think of fuzzy kittens and cupcakes you can get an idea of how it could be pretty and all things right in the world. Blahblahblah...

I am proud of my firstborn from the spawn, no matter how ugly it is :) WE must love our children. I am still working with the wheel, but very apprehensive about using my dyed roving on her just yet. Don't want to waste that when she is still bucking.

The sheep shearing is in a week and a half, yea!!!! I'm excited about that and looking forward to getting to "skirt" some fleece and buy up a trunk full to bring home. Although, I have a very small trunk, so I may have to shove some in the floorboard, behind the seats and in my mom's lap. Pictures will be taken and posted of the fun and excitement we will have.

Now I must go and work on a bulletin board for one of my schools. I am doing a get to know your new school nurse board. Kinda cool? So, I must take pictures of my cats and of me, ick!

Monday, February 06, 2006

New crafting center (yea!) and the ugly toboggan (boo!)

Where shall I begin? Well, might as well do worst first. I finished my first toboggan and ...hate it! Hate it!!! I followed the pattern to the knitting letter, measured correctly, knitted studiously and when complete...well, hated it. It looks so dorky on, thus no picture of me with it on. I can only handle so much shame! Be glad I'm actually showing it to you now. It is too short and way too loose. It is like a beanie, just missing the propeller! The pic that was with the pattern was so cute and I loved it! But where did mine go wrong? I was so saddened by my boggan failure :( and now unsure if I will try another...

But on a brighter note - my crafting center is complete. May not look like much in the picture (it doesn't do it justice), but it is a beauty to me! It has 2 pull out tables (lovely) for my sewing machines and my scrapbooking. It has 2 ribbon spool holders, a bobbin and thread holder, a door peg board, and the ENTIRE BACK is made from pegboard as well. Now isn't that just grand!!!! More than makes up for my sucky boggan (still shameful). Anyway, I spent last night trying to stuff all of my crafting junk in it and finally gave up when I couldn't satisfy myself on where to place everything. Meaning my closet is still full of boxes and bags. Hey, I admit I am peculiar!

At least I downsized on my supplies and that was a major accomplishment. Of course, I just rearranged some supplies...moving them out from under one bed and putting them under the other ;) I was just so tickled to have a unit that I could put everything in and then close the door. I had to share.

I am at this moment (besides typing) still contemplating what to knit for the Knitting Olympics. I signed up for felted slippers or booties, but now not so interested in that. I found a cute felted bag from Blacksheep Bags that I may tackle instead. Too many decisions. I guess I feel guilty having other projects in the lurch AND wanting to start on some spring skirts. I have one pattern that I made last year, adorable little Aline, knee length skirt. I have material for 2 more, but the pattern is too big and I cut it down by 1/2 last year and that didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Anyone know where you can get smaller patterns? The stores don't carry them and the sales clerks in my Hancock Fabrics look at me like I'm from Mars when I ask. Oh well, let me work on my knitting decision first and have some Chocolate No Bake Drop Cookies...that's what I'm screaming about .....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Recycled yarn on the horizon...

I found these two wool sweaters at a local thrift store and thought "wow, wouldn't these look great unraveled?!" So, I snapped them up and brought them home to deconstruct. Don't cha love that, being able to unravel a sweater and have all new yarn? Oh, the possibilities!!!!!!
However, I have yet to begin the deconstruction...I have added them to my pile of sweaters to work on. I just haven't made it to the pile yet :(

I have had a VERY busy week at work coming up with some fundraiser designs for a campaign to raise money for my school kids. I have busily cut out hearts, stamped letters, embossed squares, glued feathers and tied ribbons. I finally finished last night and was sooo very glad to be done! Now I can get back to knitting, yea!!!!!!!!

I also did a little surfing and found some great cupcake recipes at 52Cupcakes, which makes me want to run out right now and buy more chocolate. I will let you know how that turns out. Maybe this weekend I can whip up some Dark Chocolate cupcakes and finish my toboggan (will I ever?). It's a toss up between the boggan and the chocolate right now...think I might do a little of both.