Monday, February 06, 2006

New crafting center (yea!) and the ugly toboggan (boo!)

Where shall I begin? Well, might as well do worst first. I finished my first toboggan and ...hate it! Hate it!!! I followed the pattern to the knitting letter, measured correctly, knitted studiously and when complete...well, hated it. It looks so dorky on, thus no picture of me with it on. I can only handle so much shame! Be glad I'm actually showing it to you now. It is too short and way too loose. It is like a beanie, just missing the propeller! The pic that was with the pattern was so cute and I loved it! But where did mine go wrong? I was so saddened by my boggan failure :( and now unsure if I will try another...

But on a brighter note - my crafting center is complete. May not look like much in the picture (it doesn't do it justice), but it is a beauty to me! It has 2 pull out tables (lovely) for my sewing machines and my scrapbooking. It has 2 ribbon spool holders, a bobbin and thread holder, a door peg board, and the ENTIRE BACK is made from pegboard as well. Now isn't that just grand!!!! More than makes up for my sucky boggan (still shameful). Anyway, I spent last night trying to stuff all of my crafting junk in it and finally gave up when I couldn't satisfy myself on where to place everything. Meaning my closet is still full of boxes and bags. Hey, I admit I am peculiar!

At least I downsized on my supplies and that was a major accomplishment. Of course, I just rearranged some supplies...moving them out from under one bed and putting them under the other ;) I was just so tickled to have a unit that I could put everything in and then close the door. I had to share.

I am at this moment (besides typing) still contemplating what to knit for the Knitting Olympics. I signed up for felted slippers or booties, but now not so interested in that. I found a cute felted bag from Blacksheep Bags that I may tackle instead. Too many decisions. I guess I feel guilty having other projects in the lurch AND wanting to start on some spring skirts. I have one pattern that I made last year, adorable little Aline, knee length skirt. I have material for 2 more, but the pattern is too big and I cut it down by 1/2 last year and that didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Anyone know where you can get smaller patterns? The stores don't carry them and the sales clerks in my Hancock Fabrics look at me like I'm from Mars when I ask. Oh well, let me work on my knitting decision first and have some Chocolate No Bake Drop Cookies...that's what I'm screaming about .....

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