Thursday, February 02, 2006

Recycled yarn on the horizon...

I found these two wool sweaters at a local thrift store and thought "wow, wouldn't these look great unraveled?!" So, I snapped them up and brought them home to deconstruct. Don't cha love that, being able to unravel a sweater and have all new yarn? Oh, the possibilities!!!!!!
However, I have yet to begin the deconstruction...I have added them to my pile of sweaters to work on. I just haven't made it to the pile yet :(

I have had a VERY busy week at work coming up with some fundraiser designs for a campaign to raise money for my school kids. I have busily cut out hearts, stamped letters, embossed squares, glued feathers and tied ribbons. I finally finished last night and was sooo very glad to be done! Now I can get back to knitting, yea!!!!!!!!

I also did a little surfing and found some great cupcake recipes at 52Cupcakes, which makes me want to run out right now and buy more chocolate. I will let you know how that turns out. Maybe this weekend I can whip up some Dark Chocolate cupcakes and finish my toboggan (will I ever?). It's a toss up between the boggan and the chocolate right now...think I might do a little of both.


Laura said...

I really like the multi-colored one, but what will you do with it? I thought perhaps you were going to felt them!

wooliegirl said...

I'm going to make some scarves and matching mittens and then felt them. This will be an experiment!! I couldn't pass the colors up!