Monday, January 30, 2006

Scrapbooking has taken over my needles...

I haven't knitted very much the past few days, because I have been trying to complete a mini paper bag scrapbook for a girl at work. She saw the knitted baby blanket at the shower and said she wanted one for her daughter, 3 months old. I felt bad :( but I didn't have the yarn to knit one up and knew I wouldnt' be making a yarn run anytime soon. Sounds crazy, but I NEED to use some stash yarn!!! Thus, the scrapbook.

I have tons, I mean TONS of scrapbook supplies and thought that would be perfect! I have been making them for myself and baby showers. Hey, I told you everyone I know is pregnant. Also, I have been making them for extra cash!! That's the good part. However, I hadn't made the mini paper bag kind, so I ventured out and "created" the cutest little book. I love it!!!! Now I am hooked on these. Please refer to the posted pictures that display the fine scrapbooking handiwork :) Alas, the paper took over my needles and now I must break that spell and get back to my hat, tote and scarf.

I also have some co-worker bdays coming up and need to come up with some quick knit ideas. I love to make my presents, because it is so much more personal (to me) than a bought gift. Although, I know a few people who think the complete opposite. Let's just not talk to them...

I put the finishing touches on the now infamous (because I said so) scrapbook while watching Dr. McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy last night. Aahhhhhhh...need I say more.

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