Sunday, January 22, 2006

Here she is ... evil wheel

This is the skein I have been able to get thus far, so pitiful :(

This is the wheel I have so lovingly written of...a Cherub wheel made in New Zealand. She is new to the US and I found her by way of ebay. I have taken classes on a Lendrum wheel, which I loved! But it was not in my budget at this time. I found a great deal on the Cherub and purchased her back in Oct/Nov of last year.
Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful wheel - we just don't get along. The maker and distributor of this wheel have both been very gracious in offering advice and suggestions in how to get her in working and sociable order. Right now I would settle for sociable...she isn't very very rude and ill-tempered :) I did find out that the previous owner had made several modifications and that could be part of the reason she isn't wanting to cooperate with her new owner. So, I am at square one trying to coax a skein out of her. I added a pic of the skein I have been trying to spin for oh, several weeks!!!! She will spin a little then start to rattle, scrape, whine, stop spinning...etc. I am ready to pull my hair and her roving out.
Anyway, that is where I stand with Lady Cherub, or as I call her at home the Spawn of Satan.

It has been a cold and drizzly day around here and I spent the majority at my house (me and DH each have a house, long story) trying to mop and clean for the realtor. She starts showing it tomorrow for hopefully a throng of buyers :) If she doesn't sell, I am contemplating a yarn store!! Oh my gosh! Wouldn't that be wonderful, especially around here - where there is no yarn except for the craft stores. So it is a thought and my house would make a lovely knitting store, oh the possibilities....anybody got money?

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Graham Collins said...

Before you go bad mouthing anything you should make sure that you have everything in its original condition. When the wheel left here it was in perfect working order. I spun on it without a problem. You have to realise that this wheel is a very light draw wheel and that unless you have the tensions correct it will not spin easily.
Is there grease on the woollen brake band or on the spool brake drums? I understand that the original owner altered and changed things considerably.
The wheel is very good and your comments do not do the wheel or yourself justice. Get the wheel back into its original state and then spin on it. I have made and sold hundreds of these wheels and to date you are the only one that I know of that has problems spinning on one.
Graham Collins