Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On my way to a hat...someday...

maybe by next fall I will have this hat complete. I'm just happy to be knitting in the round with more than a garter stitch. I have impressed myself :) (tee-hee, doesn't take much to feel like I'm progressing)
I am using some leftover rose and grey wool yarn to knit this little toboggan. And it calls for double pointed needles!!! What was I thinking?! I am a scaredy cat when it comes to DPNs. Anyway, when I finally finish I will post the end product and we will all be amazed!

I have signed up for the Knitting Olympics. Now I have to find something challenging to knit. And for me that is not going to be hard...the challenging part. I am leaning towards baby booties, I'm sure I will find someone needing them in the future. Or a pair of felted knitted slippers. I have been lusting over patterns I continue to see for the slippers. But I have been a little chicken. And socks terrify me!!!!!!!!

I have been knitting, eating, and watching American Idol...hilarious!!! Are you watching? I have laughed, cringed, and sat with astonishment over some of these voices. On a different note - does anyone have any REALLY good cupcake recipes to share? I would love to find some not-your-ordinary-cupcake recipes. If you do, please direct me there.

Okay, let's get busy on that hat...

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