Sunday, January 22, 2006

Actually, here she is ... evil wheel

For some reason the blog was not wanting to cooperate with posting all 3 pictures. Hmmm, wonder if the wheel and the blog are in cahoots against me posting the pics...sounds like a conspiracy. This is the evil wheel...
Notice some of the cats tried to get into the action. Actually I moved the wheel and that just caused chaos amongst the "kids."


Laura said...

I'm sure you've oiled her well...Mmmm. Could any parts be warped? Would you be willing to take the wheel apart and put it back together? It seems a shame to have a wheel, but not be able to spin. Do you know what adjustments the previous owner made, or could you email her and ask? I recently got a spinning wheel from my mother that had been in storage. The flyer wheel and bobbin are gone and the wheel is terribly warped. The treadle is missing its leather or cloth strap, and isn't pegged into the other legs as it should be. I'm debating finding someone to fix it (not too likely where I am in AL) or admitting it to be a loss and saving for another wheel. (I love my Joy, but I'd like to spin finer yarn on larger bobbins.) At any rate, I feel your pain!

wooliegirl said...

I have oiled and adjusted according to the wheel maker's suggestions. I know the 2 tension bands were changed, it had not been oiled, there is a crack (that I was not told about) and I have emailed the previous owner...she said it was perfect.
I will trudge on and keep working with it. I will spin a full bobbin someday :)