Saturday, January 14, 2006

Start the music...the baby blanket is complete!!! (see me take a bow)

Here is the baby blanket...complete with tassels. It is so soft and cuddly and knitted up very pretty. It probably does only take 4 hours, if you sit down at one time and knit. Unlike me, knit for 5 minutes when I can. Hats off to LionBrand for the 4 hour baby blanket.

NOw I am going to start a felted scarf from an idea I found on Spun Magazines website. It is the DIY Sweater Arm Scarf you sew up after you deconstruct the sweater and felt it and cut it up...
I found a couple of cool wool sweaters at Goodwill (yea for Goodwill) and felted them last night. One is a lovely gold and the other a vibrant lime, even though it looks yellow in the pic. Now I get to cut them up and create a new scarf, full of fun stitches.

For the technical part of this post; why can't I post a pic in the spot I want? I put it were I want it then it moves to the top...ALWAYS! We have already established my computer challenges, so it has to be something simple that I just can't grasp. Please my pics go with their correct verbage.

Okay, off to find some tea and cut my felt :) Good times.

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M said...

apparently we are the newest members of the southern knitting blog ring. just thought i'd say hi. I am in Richmond, and Va Beach when ever possible. actually the outer banks whenever possible also.