Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Can I just go to sleep....

I'm so tired, can I just go to sleep? I helped with an elementary school health fair today and I'm pooped. I was the Glo-Germ nurse and taught all the kids how to wash their hands and get rid of those nasty germs. Now I'm paranoid about germs :)
I should be knitting, but I'm just so tired (and lazy) and keep dreaming about cake and ice cream...not yarn.
But I am almost done with the blanket. Yeah, yeah, yeah I keep saying that, but really I am. I'm on the decreasing end of the knitting! That's progress. Maybe I can get it completed this evening and post some pics and maybe I will throw in some of the "kids" looking adorable. Maybe I can catch Ainsley playing dead. She looks so cute when she flops onto her back and sleeps. She's such a cutie.
I've been surfing the net for a copy of "Felted Knits" at a good price. Along with a bread machine and a copy of the "Cupcake" cookbook. Anyone out their have a bread machine? What are your thoughts? I would love some comments about the pros and cons....thanks!

Okay, let's go get that ice cream and cake.

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