Thursday, January 31, 2008

Almost Friday, already? Bring it on...

Wow, my week has flown by and that is good and bad. Did not get nearly what I wanted done, minimal knitting, so sad again. Just finished a cake for a coworker's son. 13th Birthday!! Happy Bday Gordon! Hope you like your cake.
Went to take pics and the batteries are dead in the camera! Is it too much to ask to have something with this camera go right??????
Anyway, have been going nuts over the Blogger Giveaway Carnival this week and finding tons of wonderful sites! So thankful!
Thinking of the list of things I should be doing right now....1. Homework 2. Laundry 3. Bills 4. Finding stamp for Walker's bday card 5. Shower 6. Knitting! ...but want to go look at more blogs :) ( I did clean out the litter boxes, that was a start!)

Okay, off to find charged batteries first, face washing, teeth brushing and homework saved for tomorrow night...ick!

Monday, January 28, 2008

More cake, little knitting...

My knitting has been so slow, I am ashamed (head held in shame). But cakery has been taking place. I made this cake for my nephew's bday, from his drawing. He sent me a picture of the dog's head and said that is how he wanted his cake. So I made it happen and he was happy. Thank goodness!!!!

There was a little heat wave today, 53! But no heat in my office for the past two weeks. Those 30 degree days were so very very bad last week :( I was happy for the 50's today!

Tomorrow is another day of teaching nutrition and fundraising on my end. I hope to strike a lick on the knitting end and work on some more aprons, which I started yesterday. I just need more hours in the day! I also have a cake order for Friday, whoohoo! A skateboard cake. Now, wool is still my first love, but right now cake is making extra cash to buy wool around here. Anyone else know that feeling.
Here is the cake for my niece's bday. She also had a preference and it was teal with black dots and circles and stacked. It was for her 15th, but her 16th will have to be the "bomb." So I have a year to plan!!!
Now I will put down this computer and start picking up my needles. I must, must, must knit tonight!
Oh, and exciting news...the February sheep shearing is in a couple of weeks and I will be there! Hopefully no snow this year!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A chill is back!

The cold is coming back and the misery is following. I don't like the cold! Other than that, all is well. Started back to school with my math class and as I said before, I don't like math! Not liking this class either. Love that it is online, but the whole math part is evil.

Very slow progress on my shrug. Very slow!!! Worked a few sleeve rows while waiting in the doctor's office. Now, they tell me I HAVE to be there 30 minutes early or they reserve the right to start charging. My appt is at 1130, have to be there at 11, already have all paperwork completed and a chart made.....sit there for 30 minutes for no reason!! When do I get to start charging them for my time??? Ever wondered about that??? Did catch up on my office magazine reading though. Was taken back, weighed (pleased to see only gained one pound over the holidays) and then sat in a room for 15 minutes (knitting). Saw the doc for about 15, discussed my GI issues, had lab drawn and out the door.

On the cake and knitting front, I made this cake for a coworker. She wanted cats or quilting. So I did cats (out of fondant) playing on a quilt with a ball of yarn. LOVE cake, but I have said that hundreds of times. Made a Cooking Light carrot cake for a meeting today and I must say it was tasty! I may even go and eat the leftover piece right now. I ate pizza for dinner and feel so full, but just knowing that cake is in the house is taking over my brain. Plus there is also ice cream and that is just madness!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Blue day...let me whine

Okay, my day was blue, sad, whiney. The weather was gorgeous for January and much better than the past week. I love heat and sun and I had them both. So I can't complain about that. Instead, my sadness was from my DH who was in a bad mood the entire weekend, thus meaning I did everything wrong (in his eyes).

Crazy you may say? you are correct. When he is in a bad mood it is all my fault. Everything and everyone in the world is wrong - my fault. The ice is not cold enough -my fault. The light stays red too long - my fault. His chips are not fresh and crisp enough - my fault. Etc, etc, etc...have a DH like this ????? Anyway, drove me nuts, made me sad and want to run away!

I took solace in knitting and sewing and surfing the net for wet felting books (and I found a ton of them!). I want to start nuno felting and need more guidance. I would love to take a class, but no classes around me :( I have to whittle my list down to 2 books and jump right in. Any suggestions on books or websites? I would appreciate your help! Here are some of my thoughts:; ;

Oh how it would be nice to be able to curl up in a bowl and let go of all worries. Those would be good times! But I can't figure how he squeezes his huge body into such a tiny bowl and then sleeps away the day...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Slow Saturday...

It has been a slow Saturday around here, not that things haven't been happening. Went to a blood/bone marrow drive for a friend/coworker of mine. Here is a Tinkerbell cake I made for a little girl's birthday. All freehand, pretty decent if I say so myself....but took forever freehand!Lots of girlie bdays lately. Don't you just love cake??? I do !

Finished cutting out squares for the rag quilt. Thought I had enough last night, but I was wrong :) Have enough squares, but discovered I didn't have white thread. How can you not have white thread? Mystery...think it had something to do with all of the Christmas projects I made over the holiday.

And did I start knitting my shrug you may ask? Of course not! I was too busy with fabric, cleaning (bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming, mopping, dishes, and laundry), and baking. So, tomorrow is grocery gathering, white thread buying, and knitting. Promise! And going to try some Fiber One chocolate muffins. Any Fiber One addicts out there? I am! Love the stuff!

And for a kitty cat fix of the is Ainsley, princess of the house. Doesn't want to be bothered by anyone; don't touch, don't talk to, don't look at her unless she gives you permission. What a peach!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bathtub is coming...

Well, look what I almost have! Part of my crafty projects have been pushed aside do to a little bathroom renovation. And this is me one step closer to a new bathtub and shower! Yippee! I am excited, but will be even happier if I get a new kitchen. I NEED counterspace!

Other than a bathroom, I have spent the past 2 days trying to get on the internet, problem with the router. And I have been trying to stay warm. It is too cold right now and I am a wimp with the cold. Bring back 90 degrees!!!

I would love to have a cappucino right now, but I don't want to drive to get one! For some reason, I just cannot make a good cup of coffee. My gas station makes wonderful coffee!! Hit it everyday!

On a fun note, I delivered 2 cakes this morning and the bday mommy was very happy! These were for a little girl's 1st birthday and those are always fun to do. I have pics, but with the computer problems haven't been able to download them.
Maybe by tomorrow, fingers crossed. This is a pic of the last 1st birthday cake I did for a great lady I work with. It was her daughter Ivy's bday and she wanted pink with white dots. I loved this cake!!
But now I need to go and start my latest knitting project.

I found a great shrug pattern on Etsy. Know about Etsy?? You should, go check it!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Whoa....way overdue, I am back at it...

Happy New Year to you...2008!!!!!!! I am back after a very long time away and ready to jump out of the box. Life got in the way. You know how that is! So, what did I do for over a year?????

Went back to school, quit my part-time job, picked up a new hobby for extra moolah, still working full-time...learning lots of other things.

I have started cake decorating, because I love to bake and decorate and it is fun to do and make a little money. I have also started quilting, small projects and really enjoy it. It also helps with destashing my fabric collection!!!

AND.....knitting! Yes, knitting! I am getting ready to start a new shrug pattern and want to dig right in...but here I am. Unfortunately, spinning has all but disappeared in my life :( But it is a goal to start back by February. So, that is where I have been and now I am coming back.

I never make New Year's resolutions, because I can never keep them. The joke around here has been I will take up drinking and cursing for the new year. BUT, I can't even do that....failed already! I made a sour apple martini and couldn't drink it! Too strong, had to chase it with ice cream!