Monday, January 28, 2008

More cake, little knitting...

My knitting has been so slow, I am ashamed (head held in shame). But cakery has been taking place. I made this cake for my nephew's bday, from his drawing. He sent me a picture of the dog's head and said that is how he wanted his cake. So I made it happen and he was happy. Thank goodness!!!!

There was a little heat wave today, 53! But no heat in my office for the past two weeks. Those 30 degree days were so very very bad last week :( I was happy for the 50's today!

Tomorrow is another day of teaching nutrition and fundraising on my end. I hope to strike a lick on the knitting end and work on some more aprons, which I started yesterday. I just need more hours in the day! I also have a cake order for Friday, whoohoo! A skateboard cake. Now, wool is still my first love, but right now cake is making extra cash to buy wool around here. Anyone else know that feeling.
Here is the cake for my niece's bday. She also had a preference and it was teal with black dots and circles and stacked. It was for her 15th, but her 16th will have to be the "bomb." So I have a year to plan!!!
Now I will put down this computer and start picking up my needles. I must, must, must knit tonight!
Oh, and exciting news...the February sheep shearing is in a couple of weeks and I will be there! Hopefully no snow this year!

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