Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bathtub is coming...

Well, look what I almost have! Part of my crafty projects have been pushed aside do to a little bathroom renovation. And this is me one step closer to a new bathtub and shower! Yippee! I am excited, but will be even happier if I get a new kitchen. I NEED counterspace!

Other than a bathroom, I have spent the past 2 days trying to get on the internet, problem with the router. And I have been trying to stay warm. It is too cold right now and I am a wimp with the cold. Bring back 90 degrees!!!

I would love to have a cappucino right now, but I don't want to drive to get one! For some reason, I just cannot make a good cup of coffee. My gas station makes wonderful coffee!! Hit it everyday!

On a fun note, I delivered 2 cakes this morning and the bday mommy was very happy! These were for a little girl's 1st birthday and those are always fun to do. I have pics, but with the computer problems haven't been able to download them.
Maybe by tomorrow, fingers crossed. This is a pic of the last 1st birthday cake I did for a great lady I work with. It was her daughter Ivy's bday and she wanted pink with white dots. I loved this cake!!
But now I need to go and start my latest knitting project.

I found a great shrug pattern on Etsy. Know about Etsy?? You should, go check it!

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