Monday, January 07, 2008

Blue day...let me whine

Okay, my day was blue, sad, whiney. The weather was gorgeous for January and much better than the past week. I love heat and sun and I had them both. So I can't complain about that. Instead, my sadness was from my DH who was in a bad mood the entire weekend, thus meaning I did everything wrong (in his eyes).

Crazy you may say? you are correct. When he is in a bad mood it is all my fault. Everything and everyone in the world is wrong - my fault. The ice is not cold enough -my fault. The light stays red too long - my fault. His chips are not fresh and crisp enough - my fault. Etc, etc, etc...have a DH like this ????? Anyway, drove me nuts, made me sad and want to run away!

I took solace in knitting and sewing and surfing the net for wet felting books (and I found a ton of them!). I want to start nuno felting and need more guidance. I would love to take a class, but no classes around me :( I have to whittle my list down to 2 books and jump right in. Any suggestions on books or websites? I would appreciate your help! Here are some of my thoughts:; ;

Oh how it would be nice to be able to curl up in a bowl and let go of all worries. Those would be good times! But I can't figure how he squeezes his huge body into such a tiny bowl and then sleeps away the day...

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Mandy said...

You write very well.