Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh, I messed up my socks :(

Knitting class last night and I messed up! I was so disheartened by this and frustrated! It was heel flap night, more like H*^& flap night! I messed up my heels and the instructor and myself did not realize this until 30 minutes left in class. Which meant....I had to backtrack and take out an hour and a half worth of knitting out!

I came home and finished that and now I will get ready to try the heel all over again...please wish me luck! I am supposed to slip one, knit one and repeat. Then I will slip one and purl all the way across and continue this until I have 2 inches. Can I do this?? I don't know, since I messed up with the teacher in the class!!! Shameful, embarrassing....frustrating!!!! Has this ever happened to you? Is there a trick in knitting the heel flap with the "magic loop" system? Please share with me!!!!!

Other than that big mistake, I made 35 cupcakes for a kinder party tomorrow afternoon, yeehaw! And tomorrow is the last day as the tooth fairy, thank goodness. It is fun, but gets tiring. I want a day off!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sick puppy :(

I have a sick puppy at home :( She is not feeling well and we spent the day at the vet's office trying to figure out what the deal is. Sibby is about 10 years old, DH's puppy-dog, so I inherited her about 3 years ago.

She started feeling bad on Friday, just not herself. She was staggering (very unstable gait, especially with changes in terrain and height), then she began having labored breathing, not eating, very lethargic, refusing her treats, grunting with movement...just bad!

So off to the vet this morning (emergency vet! and ~564.00 bucks) and found out several things. Sibby-dog is anemic, but the origin is unknown, she has fluid around her heart (pleural effusion), she has severe advanced degenerative joint disease, spondylosis of multiple vertebrae...sick puppy!

She is on 3 meds right now, back for recheck on Wed, and sleeping right now.

I think she will be okay, she is drinking, but still not eating. Maybe her prednisone will kick in and she will decide to eat a turkey sandwich :)

This means, no sewing took place today. I was able to knit a little here and there while waiting at the vet's office. But I was able to upload my fabric cuts this time....aren't they pretty????

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Magic loop socks...let's go!

As I mentioned early, I started my sock class.."Magic Loop, knit 2 socks at once on one needle." Amazing. So far I can do it :) We are using a worsted weight and size 3 needle and I have about 2 inches on each, but need 7 inches by Wed, so I need to be doing that instead of surfing the net for yarn. It is an addiction and I need help.
Anyway, I am using a beautiful soft yarn in a variegated pinky-purply color "Purple Allure" and love it. I figured the first pair would be for me, since I know I will have many imperfections and do not want to bestow imperfect socks on another!! (Don't you love my cupcake placemat??? Got that at Target in the post Vday sale :)
Knitting on the size 3 needle is weird! I am used to much bigger the 17s and up! So 3s are like toothpicks!
I have also washed and ironed my fabric strips and have them ready to cut up and sew into a ragged edge tote bag for my boss, Ms Britt! Do you have a cool boss? I do!! She rocks and I love her! I hope she likes her bag...that also needs to be finished!!! I forgot flannel, so I have to pick some up in the a.m. I need it for my "batting" in between my front and back squares. I picked some cute fabrics in pink and brown. I know they are trendy, but I love the combo! And I found a couple of pink and black pieces as well to mix it up and be wild:) While at the fabric store I spotted a quilting class schedule, too bad it is on the same nights as my knitting class. Can't do both...wish I could! I am unable to get the fabric pic to load, so I will try that again contrary at times! Now I must go and knit!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An apron giveaway!!! The best!

This is huge!!! An apron giveaway. So, I was surfing some favorite blogs and was checking out Domestic Chicky and saw that she is having an apron pattern giveaway over at Apronista!!!!! This is too cool, because it is the Emmeline pattern that I have been coveting!!!

Are you with me on this ????? You should be, it is a hot pattern!! I would love to win this pattern and my fingers are crossed that I will. Cross yours for me as well! okay??? Thanks! I am so in love with this pattern and have my fabric picked out already, bring it on!!!! :)

And by the way, I started my magic loop circular sock knitting class tonight! What fun! I shall search for the ever allusive camera and snap my gorgeous yarn and progress from one night. I also have some cute fabric almost ready for cutting and tote bag sewing! When do I get time to start? Need that time....

Don't forget to cheer me on/wish for me/do a good luck dance for me to win the Apronista apron pattern giveaway!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

50% off....popcorn....

I love 50% off coupons!!! I used one at ACMoore yesterday and purchased a wonderful book...Complete Feltmaking by Gillian Harris. I already have a list of projects I want to try and can't wait for a free day to play with them. I am loving this book and recommend it to every one interested in yarn, wool and felting! Now I just need that free day! I have spread myself thin in my work schedule over the next month and will happily be taking a day or two in March!!!!

I crazily said yes to teach a series of 15 nutrition classes to one grade unit, then said yes to a few other teachers wanting nutrition, then I have afterschool nutrition (4 per month) to cover as well. And that doesn't count the dental health classes for the month! I have 16 scheduled over the next 2 weeks and those aren't all with set times. I am still waiting on a handful to pick their times. Oh why do I do this??????? Because I love it :)

POPCORN! Who loves the mini 100 calories bags as much as me???? I am in love with these! I just popped one for me, needing a snack! See, we went to Applebee's for dinner and I picked the WW chili-lime grilled chicken salad (~250 calories). It was okay, the dressing was weird to say the least, so I didn't eat all of it. I did eat 2 boneless wings that His Majesty ordered and his "shooter" strawberry cheesecake. Now that was an insult. It is tiny!!!! I got home and needed a snack, popped my minibag in and wallah, popcorn!!!!!

I have packed my lunch for tomorrow (peanut butter and banana sandwich), work bags by the door, clothes hanging in the bathroom....I am closer to the morning....

Friday, February 15, 2008

I ate way too much cake....

I ate so much cake yesterday while crashing Valentine's Day parties, I am still sick :( blahhhhh....... I continued on my cake journey today. I will never learn...:) I made a wonderful friend a cake for her bday...Happy Birthday Dawn (my future baby mama!) We have a running joke that she will be my surrogate womb....I hope she had a good birthday, she deserved one. This is her cake...see.

Oh, while reading my favorite blogs today I ran across these pillows by dogged. They are wonderful and she is teasing us with a tutorial that I can't wait to see. I am hoping my link will take you there, I am still trying to get it to cooperate with me. Some posts it has worked, some not. Anyway, they are log cabin with gorgeous fabrics.

I also made a daycare party Valentine's cake for Ms Ivy, a sugar plum girl whose mommy I work with. I made this a simple white cake, buttercream icing with pink rosettes. I liked it, simple but sweet. Today her mommy asked to put me on cake retainer for her class and all parties. How I will be making party cakes for the 1 year old crowd this year :) What fun!!!

Anyway, tomorrow is a sheep shearing day!!! Yahoo!!! I am headed to check out some sheep, wool, yarn, all things glorious! Yes, I still love me some yarn! I am hoping to take loads of pictures and buy a trunk full of goodies that someday I will use...yes, someday.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, I get home from work, fly into baking 2 cakes, clean the house, decorate one of the cakes, throw together a quick meal, finish the cakes, clean the kitchen....go outside to find the dog...and it is snowing! Shocker here!!! We never get snow and it is snowing!!! But it isn't sticking very well, so work tomorrow will continue :(

Tomorrow is Superhero cape day and mine is ready to fly. And there should be plenty of Valentine parties to crash at work, so I am psyched!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!!! I hope you get loads of chocolate, the good kind!

I am beat and ready to sleep.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

OH it is Saturday, time to clean...

It is Saturday around here, meaning time to clean the house!! I was awakened my 2 precious kitties wanting breakfast and the sound of a compressor. No sleeping in for me!! (Corbin likes to push me from my pillow and take over. He is big enough to succeed)
So, the laundry is started, I have had my egg beater and toast, I am getting ready to scour the bathrooms with Clorox....all the while dreaming of my hands in something creative like yarn and fabric :)
ON the agenda today is a trip to Wildskeins to register for my circular needle sock class. A trip to the grocery store for much needed vegetables, swing by the carwash and vacuum out the oats I am growing in my floorboard! and of course stop for my cappucino!! Wishing I had it right now :(
I also plan to finish up some heat rice bags for school and ...yes....aprons :) I am still hooked!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I won...I won :) and here are 2 aprons I threw together....

Well, I won something from the Blogger Giveaway Carnival that took place last week!! Yea!! I'm so happy and joyful and it is something I had been looking into what a treat!

Loria Family Dialogues is such a cool site and I love her pics! I won the Jane Cosmetic Lip Plumper and boy do I need it! I was cursed with thin lips. I have always wanted a luscious pout, but it just never happened. And I am way to chicken to go have them plumped up by a needle, I am afraid of needles :) So, yea for me, I won!!!!!!! (happy dance, happy dance)( please go and check out her blog, you will smile!)

So, the aprons. Well I was trying to join this month's Tie One On and managed to get with the "polka dot" theme. However, I forgot to send my picture in!!!!!! Here it is, my vintage 50's apron. I love this pattern. My mom collects patterns and dug out a few of her vintage apron patterns and I have been on a whirlwind of reversible aprons. This is a lovely scallop edge cotton with a reversible black and white rayon check. Quite lovely for entertaining :)

I have about 4 more of this style in different fabrics. Thinking about going wild on etsy....

Then I have this test run. I found a pillowcase apron pattern and whipped this one out. Found the pillowcase at a thrift store and made it very quickly, without any problems. I love it! I am now in search of more pillowcases! Can't you see a lovely embroidered edge on one? Love it , love it...
I will be hitting the fabric store soon and getting more apron material, along with some material for my bellydance costume. I have to have something black and silver and found a perfect pattern during the 99cent sale at Hancock last week. Yep, gotta get started on that as well. Man, I need to stay home. Working just puts a kink in my days and projects. Stresssssssssssssssss!
Well, I am off to knit on my shrug that may get finished in 2010. (I made a yummy chicken and steak fajita soup for own concoction, with some jalepeno cornbread and followed by Edy's Reeses Cup chocolate ice cream:) all good,but way too much) See ya later!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hungry for sweets?

I finally found the camera, batteries, and the picture card all at the same time. So, pics of the cakes I recently made. Do you know how tiring decorating a cake can be? Very! Maybe I am just slow:) I need to speed up so I can play with more yarn.
The rosey cake was a 6inch (2layers) smash cake for a coworker's daughter. I read a tip somewhere on practicing your roses with kisses or mini marshmallows. It is a wonderul tip, helps the rose stand taller and straighter. Now I make all of my roses around one or the other! Try it!

After I post this I am picking up my shrug needles/yarn and working, while watching War of the Worlds. I may not be crazy about Tom Cruise, but I liked that movie. I also have 2 NetFlix movies waiting for the morning. I cannot sleep late on the weekends, so I like to watch a movie when I get up (around 6am). I make a cup of tea, pop in the movie, grab my big blanket and curl up on the couch to watch. Everything is quiet in the house and usually Truman or Stinky Jones will join me and snuggle. Good times! Why can't I sleep late on weekends, but can sleep till noon when I have to work???????? Perplexing.
This is a another cake I finished on Thursday night. A coworker's son loves skateboards and she liked the pic of a cake similar to this is what she got :) Sorry about the lighting. I have a major issue with light in my house. There is none! It is bad :(
Tomorrow's plan is to finish 2 aprons and start a baby quilt. Oh yeah, homework too (hear me gag???). And unravel a sweater I got at Goodwill, lovely dark pink. I just couldn't help myself. I had to buy it!!! I pictured a neck warmer and fingerless gloves in this yarn...let me go knit.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Blogger giveaways...

well I found an apron I dearly love being given away in the is the link to the blog with the cutest apron. I want it....pitching fit now :)