Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sick puppy :(

I have a sick puppy at home :( She is not feeling well and we spent the day at the vet's office trying to figure out what the deal is. Sibby is about 10 years old, DH's puppy-dog, so I inherited her about 3 years ago.

She started feeling bad on Friday, just not herself. She was staggering (very unstable gait, especially with changes in terrain and height), then she began having labored breathing, not eating, very lethargic, refusing her treats, grunting with movement...just bad!

So off to the vet this morning (emergency vet! and ~564.00 bucks) and found out several things. Sibby-dog is anemic, but the origin is unknown, she has fluid around her heart (pleural effusion), she has severe advanced degenerative joint disease, spondylosis of multiple vertebrae...sick puppy!

She is on 3 meds right now, back for recheck on Wed, and sleeping right now.

I think she will be okay, she is drinking, but still not eating. Maybe her prednisone will kick in and she will decide to eat a turkey sandwich :)

This means, no sewing took place today. I was able to knit a little here and there while waiting at the vet's office. But I was able to upload my fabric cuts this time....aren't they pretty????


Anonymous said...

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April said...

So sorry to hear Sibby's not well. I know what it's like to have "elder" animals myself. I hope the meds kick in and she starts feeling better soon.

Kazahn said...