Saturday, February 09, 2008

OH it is Saturday, time to clean...

It is Saturday around here, meaning time to clean the house!! I was awakened my 2 precious kitties wanting breakfast and the sound of a compressor. No sleeping in for me!! (Corbin likes to push me from my pillow and take over. He is big enough to succeed)
So, the laundry is started, I have had my egg beater and toast, I am getting ready to scour the bathrooms with Clorox....all the while dreaming of my hands in something creative like yarn and fabric :)
ON the agenda today is a trip to Wildskeins to register for my circular needle sock class. A trip to the grocery store for much needed vegetables, swing by the carwash and vacuum out the oats I am growing in my floorboard! and of course stop for my cappucino!! Wishing I had it right now :(
I also plan to finish up some heat rice bags for school and ...yes....aprons :) I am still hooked!!

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