Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An apron giveaway!!! The best!

This is huge!!! An apron giveaway. So, I was surfing some favorite blogs and was checking out Domestic Chicky and saw that she is having an apron pattern giveaway over at Apronista!!!!! This is too cool, because it is the Emmeline pattern that I have been coveting!!!

Are you with me on this ????? You should be, it is a hot pattern!! I would love to win this pattern and my fingers are crossed that I will. Cross yours for me as well! okay??? Thanks! I am so in love with this pattern and have my fabric picked out already, bring it on!!!! :)

And by the way, I started my magic loop circular sock knitting class tonight! What fun! I shall search for the ever allusive camera and snap my gorgeous yarn and progress from one night. I also have some cute fabric almost ready for cutting and tote bag sewing! When do I get time to start? Need that time....

Don't forget to cheer me on/wish for me/do a good luck dance for me to win the Apronista apron pattern giveaway!!!

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