Sunday, February 17, 2008

50% off....popcorn....

I love 50% off coupons!!! I used one at ACMoore yesterday and purchased a wonderful book...Complete Feltmaking by Gillian Harris. I already have a list of projects I want to try and can't wait for a free day to play with them. I am loving this book and recommend it to every one interested in yarn, wool and felting! Now I just need that free day! I have spread myself thin in my work schedule over the next month and will happily be taking a day or two in March!!!!

I crazily said yes to teach a series of 15 nutrition classes to one grade unit, then said yes to a few other teachers wanting nutrition, then I have afterschool nutrition (4 per month) to cover as well. And that doesn't count the dental health classes for the month! I have 16 scheduled over the next 2 weeks and those aren't all with set times. I am still waiting on a handful to pick their times. Oh why do I do this??????? Because I love it :)

POPCORN! Who loves the mini 100 calories bags as much as me???? I am in love with these! I just popped one for me, needing a snack! See, we went to Applebee's for dinner and I picked the WW chili-lime grilled chicken salad (~250 calories). It was okay, the dressing was weird to say the least, so I didn't eat all of it. I did eat 2 boneless wings that His Majesty ordered and his "shooter" strawberry cheesecake. Now that was an insult. It is tiny!!!! I got home and needed a snack, popped my minibag in and wallah, popcorn!!!!!

I have packed my lunch for tomorrow (peanut butter and banana sandwich), work bags by the door, clothes hanging in the bathroom....I am closer to the morning....

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