Saturday, February 23, 2008

Magic loop socks...let's go!

As I mentioned early, I started my sock class.."Magic Loop, knit 2 socks at once on one needle." Amazing. So far I can do it :) We are using a worsted weight and size 3 needle and I have about 2 inches on each, but need 7 inches by Wed, so I need to be doing that instead of surfing the net for yarn. It is an addiction and I need help.
Anyway, I am using a beautiful soft yarn in a variegated pinky-purply color "Purple Allure" and love it. I figured the first pair would be for me, since I know I will have many imperfections and do not want to bestow imperfect socks on another!! (Don't you love my cupcake placemat??? Got that at Target in the post Vday sale :)
Knitting on the size 3 needle is weird! I am used to much bigger the 17s and up! So 3s are like toothpicks!
I have also washed and ironed my fabric strips and have them ready to cut up and sew into a ragged edge tote bag for my boss, Ms Britt! Do you have a cool boss? I do!! She rocks and I love her! I hope she likes her bag...that also needs to be finished!!! I forgot flannel, so I have to pick some up in the a.m. I need it for my "batting" in between my front and back squares. I picked some cute fabrics in pink and brown. I know they are trendy, but I love the combo! And I found a couple of pink and black pieces as well to mix it up and be wild:) While at the fabric store I spotted a quilting class schedule, too bad it is on the same nights as my knitting class. Can't do both...wish I could! I am unable to get the fabric pic to load, so I will try that again contrary at times! Now I must go and knit!

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