Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cold again!

I am still alive, kicking, breathing, screaming....and like you so busy! I am struggling to finish my 2nd paper for school. Turned the first in last week and trying to knock out the 2nd, which is due tomorrow! Bad student. Also trying to knock out baby quilts and pick out my perfect bday cake recipe.

I did finish 2 quilts for the twins and of course I didn't take pics of them! Whatever!!! Basically, I'm tired and my brain is frizzled. Maybe I can download pictures tonight of my fabric mess :) , it is huge!

I am planning on using my spinning wheels in my term paper review presentation. I am incorporating them into my discussion on Madeleine Leininger's Transcultural Care Theory of nursing....I know you are interested, ahhahahaaaaa....but that was my topic for my RN to BSN concepts for coffee!