Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grrrrrrr monster

 Just finished a little Baldwin the bathroom monster for a coworkers little girl.  I made her from my pink/purple Punta fiber and love the fact that I have enough left to make another.  Score!

Thus, someone else will be getting a little Grrrr too!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day includes mommies of 4 legged babies :)

 My mommy day present to myself, because I deserve it and because Ava and Finley are my little babies.  Now, I'm not discounting the kitties in my life....I love them dearly!! 

Kitties are not like doggies, they don't need mothering.  Ava and Finley need mommy love and they make my heart sing with joy...because they need my mommy love.
Now back to mother's day.....His Majesty surprised me, actually shocked me!  He made a trip to a yarn store and bought me a present :)  And while there he entered me into a raffle....and I won something.  I never win anything, but this time I did.
The Black Mountain Yarn Shop called me and left a message that I won.
Shocker....I won this sock box from Spud and Chloe

I thought they had lost their minds...but they didn't.  I won!!!  The box had a pattern, set of size 5 Lantern Moon dpns....

and these GORGEOUS sock yarns.  :)  I LOVE them.  They are so freakin awesome!!!!!

 And on top of winning this prize was my actual Mother's day gift.....the watermelon yarn I wanted so badly on my bday.

He went and got it for me!!!!!!!  I was weepy! 
While I slobbered all over my new fancy yarns I did manage to finish a monster.

I'm not crazy about it.  I wanted to use some stash acrylic, since it is for a baby gift.  Bad choice, because it just didn't knit as I had in my mind.

I think I will try a different yarn....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let the dying commence.....

Okay, didn't dye this one, but did finish plying approx. 172 yards of this pink/purple punta fiber.  No clue my WPI because I am too lazy to dig out my tool.....LAZY!

 I decided to try some dying with acid dye this weekend.  I have a reason....I am dying 3 yard silk veils for the bellydance troupe I belong to and I needed to practice using acid dye. 
 Soooooo I tried dying some "blank" sock yarn first.  I love the vibrant colors.
I know my stripes are not even close to being the same, but I don't care!
  I did dig out a sock blank that I bought about 4 years ago and went to town on that puppy.  I think this one is my favorite!  It is kind of like an evil candy corn :)

  And then I tried dying the silk.  I started with a skinny silk veil and a little tie dying magic....then went to a 3 yard veil....

I need to take a full pic of the large veil, but there is that lazy thing again.   Anyway, the real veils will be dyed this coming week and they will be turquoise and royal blue. 
I must say I got the inspiration to tackle this project from CoggieTM over at The High Fiber Diet.  She is so awesome and inspiring and has really helped me in my knitting and spinning and you need to go check her out....right now!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Shawls and washclothes seem to be my BFF

I blocked my Handspun Delight Shawlette yesterday and love how it turned out, so much people!
I used my handspun for this little puppy.  The braid was from a fiber club (wasn't a good experience, the club not the braid) in the Peacock color (a "silvered top") and had about 219 yards of a DKish weight.

I was pleased with the size too...

and Ava looked so pretty in it!  She is such a girl, she likes to dress up :)
And I finished my cow washcloth, with a glaring mistake that I just now saw!  Ikes!  Oh well, it will still suds up a person and that is what matters.  The next washcloth will be a Snoopy one for my older brother :)