Sunday, May 13, 2012

Let the dying commence.....

Okay, didn't dye this one, but did finish plying approx. 172 yards of this pink/purple punta fiber.  No clue my WPI because I am too lazy to dig out my tool.....LAZY!

 I decided to try some dying with acid dye this weekend.  I have a reason....I am dying 3 yard silk veils for the bellydance troupe I belong to and I needed to practice using acid dye. 
 Soooooo I tried dying some "blank" sock yarn first.  I love the vibrant colors.
I know my stripes are not even close to being the same, but I don't care!
  I did dig out a sock blank that I bought about 4 years ago and went to town on that puppy.  I think this one is my favorite!  It is kind of like an evil candy corn :)

  And then I tried dying the silk.  I started with a skinny silk veil and a little tie dying magic....then went to a 3 yard veil....

I need to take a full pic of the large veil, but there is that lazy thing again.   Anyway, the real veils will be dyed this coming week and they will be turquoise and royal blue. 
I must say I got the inspiration to tackle this project from CoggieTM over at The High Fiber Diet.  She is so awesome and inspiring and has really helped me in my knitting and spinning and you need to go check her out....right now!

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