Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finished things are always a plus!

I have happily finished a few crafty items and feel so happy to have more marked off the ever growing list.  I seamed up my little bear for the Mother Bear Project and need to pop it in the mail.
I finished 3 more pairs of the fingerless mitts and have met my goal of 5 pairs for gifts, but I will still be knitting try and knit 10pair by Christmas.  I have used worsted weight yarn on each pair and they are roughly taking 75 yards a pair.  This is a wonderfully simple and fast knit.  PLUS I have gone through 5 balls of leftover yarn :)  I love that part even more!!
Also on the recycling craft supplies front, I made 2 ID badge holders with scraps of project bag fabric.  Who can resist a little owl?????   (geez, look how scratched up the table is!  that is all Korbin Cat's handy work)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

When the man is away.....

When His Majesty is away I get to play with yarn and fiber....sometimes that means via the internet. aka fiber purchases :) I'm sure you know how that goes.
The past few weeks, he has been away on the weekends and I have been busy surfing the fiber world and gettin busy...

So, I bought my Mother Bear Project pattern and cast on today. I am now on the head (as I type this ) and hope to be close to finished knitting by this afternoon. I am using some scrap baby yarns I have in the stash and it is a quick little knit. If you minus all the ends that are taunting me, I would say I love this pattern :)

Labor Day weekend was another day that I was left alone to knit and purchase. Of course Labor Day weekend means craziness with the Dizzy Sheep website. I love their big weekend events and end up glued to the screen for the updates. I was able to purchase two 4 ounces batts of BFL before they sold out. I had to have them, since my stash is mostly reds/yellows and blues/greens. I needed some pink hues to even it out :)

And then I felt bad for buying stuff, so I cast on a hat from my handspun....thought I should use something that I had....take away some guilt :)

But then today I couldn't resist the charms of Bohemia Fibers 3 month fiber club special and signed up. Seriously, 6 months worth of fiber for the price of 3!!!! I couldn't...really....I had to.....there was no way to say no!
And now, I'm in timeout from purchasing ;( (sure!)
I think I need to purchase a bigger bed for the poopies so they are comfortable!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poopie stitch markers!!!

Nope, not what you think!  I have stitch markers that look like my little poopie Ava.

I saw these stitch markers on Etsy at Winemakerssister's site and instantly loved them.  They arrived in a little drawstring bag with a latte candy (yum) and  markers.
Now I need a new project to use them on :)  ...maybe a shawl, or maybe just to carry around and look at, because they make me smile.
They are adorable, don't you agree????
Check her out, I'm sure you will find something you love too!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fingerless mitts for Christmas...

I need to knit at least 5 pairs of fingerless mitts for Christmas.  I would love to have 10 pair, but not going to kill my fingers trying, so will go with 5 to start...

 These are 75 yard Malabrigo fingerless mitts and true to form, they are taking about 75 yards of worsted weight yarn.

 These have been great little knits to work on, but I am slacking...I keep stopping to surf Ravelry for more patterns or to oogle other people's projects.   Evil Ravelry!!!
 I need to get away from the laptop!
I used up leftover scraps for these 2 pairs.  The purplish pair are Berroco Vintage, left from my niece's beret.   The green pair are from Encore Worsted Wool, which was a beret for my SIL. 
On pair 3 right now....scraps from another beret.  (I love berets)

And if I finish these gloves I can start a beret :)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A painted lady :)

Behold my new knitting tattoo.  I love it!  I had this done last night on my ankle and I think she did a great job...did I say I love it?!?
Yes, I am a painted lady and I am proud.  It suits my personality to have a knitting tattoo.  Everyone needs a knitting tattoo.
Fire Roasted Lasagna, BFL
 My plied BFL is now "set" and ready to be knit up into something lovely.  I have 400 yards to play with...

I like the way the colors swirled and I'm still leaning towards a shawl...guess I need to surf more Ravelry tonight ;)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Good grief, I'm slow!

So slow in knitting, in spinning, in posting.  I have a backlog of everything and I'm just slow. 

I finished plying 2 bobbins I had spun in the TDF11 and has stared plying way back then.....meaning July!  I finished today and broke out the champagne.  I'm thrilled.  I have no clue yardage and this puppy, but hope something decent for a shawl. 
I believe this was BFL and I think it was a spinners hill batt I had purchased from The Dizzy Sheep.

I finished another lacey little baby hat.  This is the
 February baby beanie off of Ravelry.  I was making it for a coworker's new niece, but I'm afraid it will be too small for her.

It is a sweet little hat, pale yellow.  But I don't want to take any chances, since she is a couple of months old I made a different one for her.

The new hat is the Beret for Baby pattern from Ravelry.  I love this little beret!!! I know this one will fit her :)
And then I went yarn crazy and bought 4 skeins, shame on me.  I broke my promise (to myself) not to buy any yarn.  I'm in time-out now!  BUT THE DEAL was too good to pass up!
I was at Tuesday Morning and they had a few skiens of Araucania for $5.99!!!!  Can you believe that?  I bought these beauties for Christmas presents.....they will be hats !  I'm so in love with them.  I was planning on hats for others, but I want them for myself.  I'm not ashamed to admit my selfishness!!!
I may go back and get the other skeins too.  $5.99!  Yes, I must!

That is my yarn excitement.  I did schedule my tattoo appointment for Wednesday evening and I will be getting a little ball of yarn tattooed on my ankle!!!  Yep, big decision will be, green, pink...not sure.  I would love a huge skein with needles and perhaps a little bluejay holding a banner...but I'm chicken.