Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fingerless mitts for Christmas...

I need to knit at least 5 pairs of fingerless mitts for Christmas.  I would love to have 10 pair, but not going to kill my fingers trying, so will go with 5 to start...

 These are 75 yard Malabrigo fingerless mitts and true to form, they are taking about 75 yards of worsted weight yarn.

 These have been great little knits to work on, but I am slacking...I keep stopping to surf Ravelry for more patterns or to oogle other people's projects.   Evil Ravelry!!!
 I need to get away from the laptop!
I used up leftover scraps for these 2 pairs.  The purplish pair are Berroco Vintage, left from my niece's beret.   The green pair are from Encore Worsted Wool, which was a beret for my SIL. 
On pair 3 right now....scraps from another beret.  (I love berets)

And if I finish these gloves I can start a beret :)

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