Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finished things are always a plus!

I have happily finished a few crafty items and feel so happy to have more marked off the ever growing list.  I seamed up my little bear for the Mother Bear Project and need to pop it in the mail.
I finished 3 more pairs of the fingerless mitts and have met my goal of 5 pairs for gifts, but I will still be knitting try and knit 10pair by Christmas.  I have used worsted weight yarn on each pair and they are roughly taking 75 yards a pair.  This is a wonderfully simple and fast knit.  PLUS I have gone through 5 balls of leftover yarn :)  I love that part even more!!
Also on the recycling craft supplies front, I made 2 ID badge holders with scraps of project bag fabric.  Who can resist a little owl?????   (geez, look how scratched up the table is!  that is all Korbin Cat's handy work)

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