Sunday, October 09, 2011


It is fall here in our little area and I love it, but miss my sunny 85 degree days.  Fall does mean hat weather for me, so more going into my project favorites and one out for a Christmas present :)
Here is my mom's Christmas hat, which is the Tarris Heeter hat from Ravelry.  Where else would it come from?  :)  This was from some of my handspun that I overdyed with red Kool-aid.  I am happy with the end results and it is blocking on a plate right now.

I finished 2 more pairs of the 75 yard fingerless-mitts, both from pink scrap yarn in the stash...

 This is a great, fast project!!  It has become my go-to fingerless mitt pattern.  If you need a quick knit gift and have 75 yards, this is your pattern.
I still have more pink left, 113 yards to be exact....and I am going to go with a different mitt...thinking a little cable action.  I also want to try something else with the other cake of handspun I have more Ravelry surfing will be happening for tonight!
And because I had a project bag full of little scrap yarn balls that I could not part with I cast on a linen stitch scrappy scarf....but I am going from side to side, because I do not have the patience to knit this puppy lengthwise!

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Amy Darsie said...

That hat is beautiful!

I'll have to remember that pattern for the mitts ... seems like a great way to make a quick gift and destash the scraps,