Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sold my shawl right off my back....

Yep, sitting in an infectious skin disease session of the conference and a lady asked about my shawl.  She wanted to know if I knit for people, I said usually not....people don't want to pay for my time let alone the yarn.  Anyway she asked how much would I charge for the one I was wearing, I threw out a number, she bought it....right off my back!  I was thrilled...more money for SAFF next week!

While at the conference I worked on some fingerless mitts... theSoaring Hearts Mitts is a great pattern, but I screwed it up :(  I knitted 2 right mitts....yes, 2 right mitts, like a fool!!!!
I now have to track down the yarn, so I can make 2 left mitts.  I feel so foolish!

 I did come home to a package, fun!  I bought a Namaste bag with circular needle holder and buddy case from Ravelry and I am in LOVE with them!  Now, I need to fill them up with yummy projects :)
But better than all of these things...I came home from my conference to my babies!!  Puppy hugs and kisses are the best!

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